Baldur’s Gate 3: Dammon – Location, Karlach Companion Quest & Best Materials in BG3

FInd out where Dammon, the Tiefling Smith is located in Baldur’s Gate 3 to start Karlach’s companion quest and craft the best armor.

Dammon Baldur's Gate 3

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BG3’s Dammon is an intriguing Tiefling trader and smith that helps with Karlach’s The Hellion’s Heart companion quest. He can help Karlach cool down her infernal engine heart thanks to his knowledge of infernal mechanics. Plus, thanks to the time he spent in hell’s Smithy, he also sells and crafts some pretty cool loot. This guide covers all Dammon locations throughout the game and the best crafting materials.

Where to Find Dammon, the Smith in Baldur’s Gate 3

Dammon's Location Baldur's Gate 3
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As the story progresses, Dammon moves from one place to another. Find out where Dammon is located in each Act.

1The Hollow, nestled within the Druid Grove.X:180, Y:560
2The Last Light Inn, near the barn.X:-32, Y:164
3Forge of the Nine, west to the Elfsong Tavern.X: 1, Y:-5

How to Get Dammon’s Flawed Helldusk Armor Set

The forge will be unlocked by speaking with Dammon during Act 2 in the Last Light Inn. Bring Damon materials from the Underdark, particularly the Grymforge, and he will craft the Flawed Helldusk armor set. This mighty heavy to medium armor set can only be crafted.

Dammon Crafts Flawed Helldusk Armor BG3
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Infernal AlloyFlawed Helldusk Armor
Infernal AlloyFlawed Helldusk Helmet
Infernal AlloyFlawed Helldusk Gloves
Devilfoil MaskOrthon Explosive

Karlach’s Companion Quest: The Hellion Heart & Infernal Iron

Karlach Companion Quest BG3
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Karlach’s infernal engine heart keeps heating up, and Dammon can help. By bringing infernal iron to him, Dammon can cool down our fiery companion.

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Infernal Iron can be found in the following locations:

  • Blighted Village: Find an Infernal Iron from a chest in the north house’s cellar.
  • Shattered Sanctum: Located in the Goblin Camp’s far north, behind Dror Ragzlin.
  • Underdark’s Grymforge: Accept and complete Stonemason Kith’s quest by passing History, Investigation, and Perception checks.
  • Killing Steelwatch robots in Act 3: loot the Steelwatch corpses to get Infernal Iron.

Avoiding the Infernal Iron quest to fix Karlach’s engine has some negative consequences. Forget to kick it off before saving the Emerald Grove, and you’ll wave goodbye to Dammon altogether.