Baldur’s Gate 3: Mundane Items That Aren’t Vendor Trash

Sit down, scrolls and potions, I’m only using these surprising mundane items in Baldur’s Gate 3 from now on.

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In a world brimming with magic like Baldur’s Gate 3, we can’t resist the allure of 5-action spell scrolls and legendary orange items. However, I’m here to argue that it’s the mundane items that often shine the brightest. You know, spoons, ropes, and fishing rods — the kind of item that doesn’t get highlighted with Left Alt.

Turns out, not all of them are there for decoration. In fact, a few of these treasures have been my lifeline during intense boss battles, or unpleasant dialogues. Welcome to the world where everyday items are your secret weapons, and creativity knows no bounds.


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During my first few hours of gameplay, I stockpiled water as if Act 2 was set in a fantasy Sahara. I foolishly believed it was essential for crafting potions. Little did I know, this mundane item in BG3 would become my ultimate ally against unseen foes. If you suspect an invisible enemy, like those crafty Duergars in the Underdark, just toss some water their way. It’ll expose them and bring them back into sight.

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There are other uses for water, too. Throwing water on the ground and zapping it with lightning can deal massive AoE damage to foes… and allies if you’re not careful enough. Don’t like the look of your bloody character in a cutscene? Well, that’s boring, but water is your trusty cleaner, too.

Disguise Kit

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Siding with a particular clique — say, the Goblins — will instantly turn the opposing clique into an enemy. However, sneaking past the angry grunts and judgemental faces is possible with the Disguise Kit. This mundane item in BG3 lets you transform into someone else entirely; no magic required. Now, if you’d like to creep into the Druid’s Emerald Grove without raising suspicion, you know what to bring for the road.


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BG3’s first Act’s pillaged houses are full of candles, which had never made sense to me. There’s no need for candles when equippable torches are right there, or so I thought.

It turns out this mundane item in BG3 is extremely useful. Lightning a candle on the floor lets you dip arrows in it and deal an extra 1d4 fire damage. This strategy is just perfect for rangers who don’t want to waste actual fire arrows in battle. Candles can quickly turn any character with a bow into a fiery archer, especially when crits roll around.

Nautiloid Bulbs and Pods

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The Nautiloid Ship is a gross place I was glad to quickly escape. However, turns out Shadowheart was not the only thing worth my time inside that bloody, pulpy, and tentacly first area.

BG3’s Nautiloid is full of bulbs and pods, strange items that work like grenades from another dimension. Use them to pull enemies together in one explosive embrace or make them bleed with an AoE effect. When ranged weapons are scarce in the early game, these will be your lifesavers.


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After recruiting to Scratch, he’ll eventually want to have a word with you. Literally, if you use the Speak with Animals spells. If not, this will turn into a wordless interaction to get another mundane item in BG3: the ball.

This item is actually not a memento for you to carry to hell and back. Scratch is asking you to play with him. By throwing the ball, you’ll start a game of fetch with the Faerun’s goodest boy. 


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Ever heard characters go, “Ooh, there’s a treasure,” and spent hours engaged in a fruitless search for a wooden box? The answer likely lies in the vicinity, hidden beneath a mound of dirt. I’ll let you connect the dots and figure out which item is the key to unearthing that loot.

Unlike fishing rods, which are unfortunately useless and won’t let you befriend fishies or eat them, shovels are a mundane item in BG3 that actually works. By interacting with piles of dirt in the world, treasures can be dug up as long as there’s a shovel in the inventory.

Grease Bottle

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Why waste an action to cast the Grease spell when Grease Bottles are everywhere in the game, especially during the first Act. Personally, I’m not a fan of environmental damage since my characters tend to stroll right into it when I’m not watching. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had a party wipeout courtesy of my own Cloud of Daggers.

However, grease serves an entirely different purpose. When you’re confronted with a stubborn mechanical obstacle, and your muscles or dice rolls just won’t cooperate, don’t fret. Simply toss a grease bottle at it, and behold, that crank or lever effortlessly slides into place.

Music Boxes

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Compared to the previous entries of mundane items in BG3, perhaps the music box is the least useful of them all. Still, it’s definitely the one that brought the most joy to my party. 

Hidden away in locked backrooms and goblin traders’ collections, these music boxes play delightful and mysterious tunes. Don’t underestimate their potential for fun. I strongly recommend giving one to Karlach and watch her put on a little tap dance performance.


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In Baldur’s Gate 3, the party stumbles upon food and drink for camping. These are vital for fully restoring character abilities during a long rest. However, one particular food item doubles as a weapon: Salami. 

If you choose not to eat your salami and bring it out on the battlefield, you’ll get a club, dishing out 1d4 bludgeoning damage. In fact, you can even dual-wield them. Staffs, bows, and swords are for the weak; the true warriors whack the mightiest of foes with these giant sausages instead.