How to bring Scratch back to your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Everyone is welcome.

While adventuring in Baldur’s Gate 3, you may encounter Scratch, a dog who is presiding over his dead master like any good loyal dog waiting for them to wake up. Unfortunately, his master, Gomwick, has fallen and will not be waking up. If you prove yourself a worthy individual, you may be able to bring Scratch back to your camp to take care of them. But there are specific steps you need to take.

When you first approach Scratch, you have the choice to reach out to him, sidestep him to advance towards the corpse, or shoo him away. Of the choices, you want to reach out and pet him, so you can avoid scaring him away. After this decision, you have three options:

  1. Animal Handling – Kneel – you mean no harm
  2. Perception – Peer at his collar
  3. Intimidation – Stand down!

For those who choose animal handling, and succeed, you can convince Scratch that you are harmless. You then have these new options.

  1. You’re okay, Scratch
  2. Shake your head – the man is gone
  3. Pet him (Scratch)
  4. Leave

You can choose to speak to Scratch, the first option, and you’ll be left with choosing to pet him or leave him. Choosing to pet him then brings up the possibility to convince him to leave, which he is reluctant to do. If you hold out your hand so he can follow your scent, without raising your voice or being load towards him or the dead body, Scratch will follow you back to camp.

Back at camp, Scratch won’t arrive the first night. Instead, he shows up the next day once you’ve met him. You can see him wandering around your camp, sniffing around. When you approach to pet him, several party members approve of this behavior.