Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Kill or Spare the Owlbear and Her Cub in BG3?

Is it morally correct to attack the Owlbear and its cub, or should you turn against the Absolute worshippers instead?

Owlbear in Owlbear Cave BG3

Screenshot by Gamepur

Around the center of Baldur’s Gate 3’s beginning forest, two Absolute worshippers will be mourning the loss of one of their party members. The trio went inside a cave and got attacked by a fierce Owlbear. After letting them know you’re a True Soul, they’ll ask you to help them avenge their fallen comrade. So, off you go into the Owlbear Cave with full intent to bring this beast down, only to find a poor Owlbear parent and its Cub nestled at the end of the cave. Are they worthy of such punishment? Can you truly let down your supporters?

Kill the Owlbear and its Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3

Kill Owlbear and Cub BG3
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Choosing to face off against the Owlbear and its Cub will result in a fierce battle. If successful, the Owlbear will die, and its cub will huddle to its side in grief. Then, you can choose to either murder or spare the little cub. 

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Honestly, if you’ve got the guts to go through with this heartwrenching scene, go for it. Personally, the guilt was too much for me; I reloaded a previous save.

Spare the Owlbear and its Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3

Owlbear Killed BG3
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If, after having a close-up look at the Owlbear, second thoughts prevent you from killing it, you’ll be happy to know there are no consequences. Speak to Andrick and Brynna and tell them to flee the cave; you’ll take care of things from now on. They’ll follow your orders, allowing you to spare the Owlbear.

Third option: Make Andrick and Brynna Face the Owlbear

Andrick BG3
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Does staying neutral in this matter sound like the way to go? There is a way to neither kill nor spare the Owlbear yourself.

Instead, motivate the Absolute worshippers to head right into battle with this bear alone. Speak to them before the end of the Owlbear Cave and command them to do so. Naturally, they’ll be murdered, and the Owlbear and its cub will live.