Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Let the Goblin Priestess Remove the Tadpole in BG3

After entering the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, players have an opportunity to get their Tadpole removed that seems rather questionable.


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As players enter the heart of the Goblin Camp in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, they’ll meet True Soul Gut, the Goblin Priestess indoctrinating the local Goblin tribe into servitude to The Absolute. This Goblin Priestess is also, allegedly, a capable healer, and she offers to remove the Tadpole that’s been bugging players since the start of the campaign.

Players will likely have tried to have their Tadpoles removed by other healers before now and may have been greeted with less-than-favorable results. This guide explains if players should let the Goblin Priestess remove the Tadpole or politely decline the offer and offers some tips for playing the situation to their advantage.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Priestess Complete Guide

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Players will be directed to the Giblin Camp as part of the main quest line in Druid Grove. The main task here is to eliminate the Goblin Leaders and prevent the incoming attack. But players can also complete side objectives or pick up new ones from the location.

Below is a walkthrough for everything players will encounter in the Goblin Camp when it comes to the Goblin Priestess True Soul Gut. She’s far from the only major NPC players will meet in this location, which is why we’ve explained the outcomes of every situation so no player will be caught unawares.

As players enter the Goblin Camp, they’ll meet the Goblin Priestess in the center of the first chamber. She’s talking about brands and The Absolute, the new god this tribe of Goblins seems to have turned to. Provided players have entered the area peacefully, probably with the assistance of Sazza, then they’ll be able to walk around freely and speak with each Goblin without the threat of an attack.

Should You Get Branded With the Mark of The Absolute in BG3

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After getting the niceties out of the way with True Soul Gut, the Goblin Priestess in Baldur’s Gate 3, players will see an option in the dialogue tree to be branded with the mark of The Absolute. Up until now, they’ll have heard of this god but know nothing about it, and there are advantages and disadvantages to getting it.

If players choose to be branded with the mark of The Absolute, they’ll find that Shadowheart disapproves, harming her relationship with the player. Some NPCs may also react negatively to the brand. On the positive side, the brand of The Absolute opens up new dialogue options for the rest of the campaign and allows players to wear items designed for The Absolute’s followers that usually inflict Bane on the user if they don’t have the mark.

Finally, we experienced a specific scenario linked to players asking the Goblin Priestess to remove the Tadpole that we believe is only available to players who accept the mark of The Absolute. Read on to learn more about this scenario and when it occurs.

Should You Let the Goblin Priestess Remove the Tadpole in BG3

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Soon after introducing themselves to True Soul Gut, the Goblin Priestess, players can ask if she can remove the Tadpole in their brain. If players freed Sazza, it’s likely because she said Gut could do such a thing, so this might seem like a fantastic opportunity.

If players genuinley want their Tadpole removed, they should not let the Goblin Priestess do it. If players ask True Soul Gut to remove the Tadpole, they’ll be taken off to a side room and asked to leave the rest of the party outside.

True Soul Gut then offers a potion, which is obviously a sleeping potion, to the player. If players drink the potion, they’ll end up in Gut’s personal jail cell, and Gut will knock them out using magic if they refuse. Either way, this dialogue path leads to the player being captured, but there are some favorable outcomes to being put to sleep.

Should Players Use Strength, Acrobatics, or Wait in Gut’s Jail Cell in BG3

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When players awaken, they’ll find themselves in a jail cell where Gut is keeping them in the hopes that they’ll become a pet Mindflayer. Players will have three dialogue options at this point: to break the chains using Strength, to sneak out of them using Acrobatics, or to stay put and save their energy while waiting.

Players who use their Strength or Acrobatics can escape their chains and attack the Goblin Priestess. However, this means they now must fight True Soul Gut and her ogre guard with no assistance. If players choose to wait and save their strength, they’ll escape their chains but still need to fight Gut and her guard.

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If players have received the brand, marking them for The Absolute, which the Goblin Priestess offered earlier in this location, a unique scenario unfolds. This happened to us, and we were greeted by a female Warlock who emerged from a portal and killed Gut as she was about to kill us.

The Warlock explains that she did this because she wants us to meet her master, who we’re pretty certain is or is linked to The Absolute, hence why we saw her after receiving the brand. Keen-eyed players may know the identity of the Warlock based on the image above, but we’re not going to spoil it here since this encounter is part of the first act in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Loot Do Players Get for Killing the Goblin Priestess in BG3

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Once players have killed Gut the Goblin Priestess, they’ll have a chance to give in to the desires of their Tadpole and remove hers. It’s disgusting and doesn’t feel like what someone playing a hero character would do, but we did it.

The loot that players can pick up from the Goblin Priestess is a Potion of Greater Healing, a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Sleep, a Scroll of Burning Hands, a Crude Mace, the Absolute’s Warboard, the Absolute’s Talisman, a Rancid Note, a piece of Malachite, a Pegasus Feather, the Padlock Key, and the Priestess’ Key.