Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Let Yenna Stay At The Camp in BG3?

FInd out whether it’s safe to trust Yenna to join the camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 or if she’s a devil in disguise.

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After (finally) arriving at Baldur’s Gate, a new load of sidequests and interesting characters wave hello. Right by the entrance, a little kid named Yenna approaches and shares a sad tale: her mother was sick, and disappeared ten days ago after going after some healing herbs. She rejects aid from the guards, but food finds a welcome hand in Yenna’s grasp before she dashes away somewhere. Little did I anticipate that her destination would be my own campsite.

Should You Let Yenna Join the Camp in BG3?

Let Yenna Join The Camp
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After Yenna turns up at camp, she will extend a request. Can she stay at camp for a while? With culinary skills inherited from her mom, Yenna pledges to be the camp’s cook. Still, with Orin morphing into every other random NPC around Baldur’s Gate, is it safe to welcome Yenna to the camp?

If you let Yenna, and her cute cat Grub, join the camp, they’ll stick around for the story. 

Once she’s welcome, interact with her cut Grub and inspect her mind to find out if it knows more about the fate of Yenna’s mother. The cat feels doubt and resignation, but nothing else is revealed. Say hi to Grub, and all you’ll get in response is a sassy hiss.

Can You Trust Yenna's Cat, Grub
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Should you say no to Yenna joining the camp, and she’ll leave, but not before promising that you’ll regret this choice. 

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Whether Yenna is harmless or harbors ill intentions is a mystery at this point of the story. But so far, there’s no quest available to find her mom and reunite them. No more information is revealed on which kind of illness befell her, or if any part of what Yenna said was actually true. Though I’m not willing to leave a kid homeless, I’m definitely keeping an eye on her.