Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Trust Volo To Remove the Parasite in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are looking for a cure to the Mind Flayer tadpole in their brains, but Volo seems like a slightly risky option for removal.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 dumps this tadpole-infected character into a massive world and doesn’t even wish the player good luck in preventing the impending Mind Flayer transformation. Plenty of characters will offer to remove the parasite: some are ominous, some scammy, and some are just outright ridiculous.

Volo, a traveling yellow journalist who can join the camp, will offer to remove the tadpole parasite himself. And though it’s easy to disregard his offer as laughable, there’s a corner of the mind that goes, “What if.”

Can Volo Remove the Mind Flayer Parasite in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Volo Removing Eye Parasite Baldur's Gate 3
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No, Volo can’t remove the parasite he believes is “just behind the orbital socket.” 

If the player tells Volo to “Do it,” he will try, though. In a hilarious cutscene, Volo will go from poking the character’s eye with a needle to driving a stake into their eye socket. There are several opportunities to halt the procedure while he’s at it.

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If not interrupted, he’ll give up on his own eventually. Alas, his attempts won’t be successful. Then, he’ll proceed to leave an ocular prosthesis in the palm of your hand, and flee the scene. He tried; bless him.

The alternative is to say you’d like “a second opinion.” Never touch the subject again to retain both eyeballs.

Volo’s Ersatz Eye, Explained

After knocking your eyeball out of your head, the Volo’s Ersatz Eye noble feature is received. This passive trait grants the ability to see invisible creatures permanently. Sure, the procedure was quite traumatic and a friendship was lost in the process. Still, this passive noble feature comes in handy when facing enemies with invisibility skills or invisibility potions.

In the beta, Volos Ersatz Eye would grant an extra charisma point when equipped, but this feature has been removed completely. Once Volo plucks the original eye out, the Volo’s Ersatz Eye is added to the main character’s stats.

How to Recruit Volo into the Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

recruiting Volo in BG3
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After meeting Volo in Emerald Grove, he can be found in the Goblin Camp, entertaining his new enslaver Gribbo. After interrupting his performance, he’ll be imprisoned inside a cave in the Shattered Sanctum. Rescue him by speaking with Gribbo and passing either intimidation or perception check. A more aggressive alternative could involve killing Gribbo and stealing the lock from her corpse.

After saving Volo, he’ll ask you to join the camp to tag along on your adventures. It’s possible to refuse him, but bringing him along can’t hurt, right?