Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Side with Karlach or The Paladins in Hunt the Devil

Who is telling the truth: should you choose to side with Karlach or the Paladins of Tyr in BG3?

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The Risen Road is full of random encounters with new characters, factions, and foes — some more pleasant than others. In this area, the Paladins of Tyr faction will make an introduction. These guys are hunting down a devil who murdered several of their people during the war — a Tiefling named Karlarch. The outpost leader, Anders, promises to reward the Sword of Justice in exchange for her head. However, upon running into this devil herself, we find out she’s been affected by the Mind Flayer invasion and was, in fact, just a slave sword during the war. 

Hunt the Devil: Side with Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3

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It’s not hard to side with Karlach after she says her part in the war is “a whole situation; let me explain.” The tadpole vision also reveals the unquestionable truth of her not participating in the war against the Paladins of Tyr by choice.

If you choose to side with Karlach, she will join the group of companions and have her red tent at the campsite, with a cute teddy bear beside it. Karlach may seem tough, but inside that infernal engine heart lies a big softie. She’s a fun and adept battle buddy.

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If Wyll is in the party, he’ll approve of this choice and have no second thoughts about Karlach. It’ll take him some time to warm up to her, though.

However, by siding with her, the Paladins of Tyr at the outpost become the enemy. The Paladins must be defeated when you come back empty-handed and confess where your loyalties lie. On the plus side, they’ll drop some sweet loot.

Hunt the Devil: Side with the Paladins in Baldur’s Gate 3

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By siding with the Paladins of Tyr, players commit to killing Karlach and losing a potential party member forever. The river can find her down, and bringing her down won’t take much effort. 

Once she’s dead, her head can be severed, collected, and returned to the Paladins of Tyr for proof. In exchange, Anders will hand over the Sword of Justice. Though, in all fairness, if you’re making this choice just for the loot, you’ll also get it through the other route.

Though Wyll will also approve of this decision, he will have second thoughts on whether murdering Karlach despite the tadpole revelations was right.