Baldur’s Gate 3 Sorcerous Sundries: Basement Location & Vault Door Puzzle Solved in BG3

Find the Sorcerous Sundries Basement and solve the Vault Doors Puzzle to complete The Wizard of Waterdeep.

Solve Wizard Vault Puzzle BG3

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As Gale anticipated, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Sorcerous Sundries is like Disneyland for wizards. There are elementals to talk to, portals to go through, and magical vaults to raid. Still, it’s a tricky place; a single misstep could mean walking into a trap.

Additionally, without ample precautions, you might just pass by heaps of treasure. This guide covers finding the Sorcerous Sundries Basement and solving the Vault Doors Puzzle to complete Gale’s companion quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where is the Sorcerous Sundries Basement in BG3

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Speak with the Librarian at the end of the room — or rather, whisper to her — to find out where the Annals of Karsus are stashed away. She will reluctantly reveal that this forbidden tome is hidden in the basement. She then shushes us away, leaving us wondering where the Sorcerous Sundries’ basement is.

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The Sorcerous Sundries’ basement is inside the Librarian’s office. To find it, head upstairs and lockpick the room to the left. Since a bunch of Animated Armour lurk about, cast Invisibility on one of the party members before committing a felony

Sorcerous Sundries Librarian's Office Location
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Once inside, inspect the bookcase to the entrance’s right to find a Clasped book. Interact with it to trigger an indigo portal on the office’s left. Enter this portal to enter the Sorcerous Sundries’ Basement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Solve the Sorcerous Sundries’ Vault Door Puzzle in BG3

Solve Vault Puzzle BG3
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Finding the basement was just the first step. Now, it’s time to solve the puzzle inside it to access the Annals of Karsus and other hidden treasures. Before heading in, use a scroll, spell or potion to See Invisibility. Otherwise, you might miss several hidden treasures in the basement.

This area has four doors: Elminster, Silverhand, Karsus, and Ramazith. Each door is named after a legendary wizard. Here’s what each door represents right now.

Wizard’s DoorWhat It Does
Elminster Doorhides Elminster’s Vault with loot but is now inaccessible.
Karsus Doorhides Karsus’ Vault with the Annals of Karsus but is now inaccessible.
Silverhand Doorunlocks Karsus and Elminster’s vaults.
Ramazithexits this room.

Follow these steps to solve the Sorcerous Sundries’ Vaults puzzle.

  1. Enter the Silverhand door ahead to start unlocking the vaults.
    1. Enter the Abjuration and Silver doors, and pull the lever inside to unlock Karsus‘ Vault. 
    2. Enter the Evocation and Wish doors, and pull the lever inside to unlock Elminster’s Vault.
  2. Destroy the Illusion Door to reveal a hidden chest.
Sorcerous Sundries Basement Location
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Inside Karsus’ Vault lies the Annals of Karsus; pick it up and read it to progress Gale’s The Wizard of Waterdeep companion quest. Elminster’s Vault should also be unlocked now. Here, you’ll find some loot and more information on the Necromancy of Thay.

Before heading out the indigo portal, look for a button behind it. After pressing it, a third vault will be revealed. Feel free to loot to your heart’s content.