How to pickpocket and steal in Baldur’s Gate 3

The guard won’t miss that key.

Any character you encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3 can become a target of theft, and you can choose to pickpocket them. Those familiar with Larian Studios’ other game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, may have had a great deal of fun speaking to a character and having another character stealing from them at the same time, especially traders with incredibly valuable equipment and spells for sale. However, things are dramatically different in Baldur’s Gate 3, so you may not find yourself overloading a character to kill them, or robbing a merchant completely blind.

Whenever you attempt to pickpocket another character, you see a list of everything they have on their person. You must choose from those items you would like to take, and then a dice number appears at the top. That dice number is what your character has to roll to successfully steal the item. The skill check your character rolling is sleight of hand, which relies on dexterity. You can check your party’s character sheet to review who is the best candidate to perform the task.

Once you choose who performs the task, you can then pick the item you want them to steal. Before attempting to pickpocket someone, make sure your character is properly hiding before committing the task. Choose which of the available items you want to steal, and hope for the best. Should your dice roll prove successful, you can steal the item without the person knowing. 

If you fail, the person will turn around, and if they are in a society where murdering is frowned upon, they will attempt to throw you out of jail, and you will need to do a deceive, intimidation, or charm check on them to convince them otherwise. Alternatively, if you’re attempting to steal from a goblin, or a more aggressive foe, they will attack you.

There are benefits of stealing from characters. You may want to snatch a key off someone without being seen to unlock a door or try to remove spells or potions off an enemy before they can use them. There are several risks, but plenty of rewards if you are creative.