Best Aim Assist settings in Call of Duty: Warzone

Choose the optimal aim assist settings for your playstyle, skill level.

Image via Activision

Aim Assist is a standard-setting found in most first-person shooter games that are controller-based, and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception. Aim Assist is the game’s crafty way of assisting controller players hit their target, helping to bridge the gap between the superior (arguably) mouse and keyboard method of playing FPS’s.

In Warzone, there are three types of Aim Assist settings: Standard, Precision, and Focusing. You can also choose to disable the option altogether. Aim Assist comes down to personal preference, along with skill level. Here’s a quick roundup of each of the settings to help you make the best choice for yourself.


Disable aim assist.

This setting completely removes aim assist altogether. We don’t recommend this setting because it leaves you at a disadvantage. However, if it works for you, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Traditional aim slowdown near target.

Standard is the default setting in Warzone and the most commonly utilized. It’s essentially a traditional aim slow down, kicking in relatively near the target. In order words, when your crosshair approaches an enemy, your aim slows down, encouraging you to keep on target. This setting is ideal for most players (beginner and casual) and the one the developers intended it to be used for.


Strong aim slowdown that only kicks in when aiming closer to target. Best for accurate players.

If you’re more of a seasoned player, try giving Precision a go. It’s similar to Standard; however, the aim assist effect kicks in right when your crosshair is virtually on target. If you’re finding that you have no problem flicking your crosshair onto the target, Precision may take you to that next level of accuracy — turning those body shots into headshots more often.


Strong aim slowdown that also kicks in when narrowly missing target. Best for players new to analog aiming.

Here’s a safe bet for players who are finding themselves consistently missing shots or if you’re new to controllers or FPS’s in general. Focusing is like a middle ground between Standard and Precision.