Best base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 23

Corners bound to lower QBRs.

Image via EA

Your first instinct in Madden 23’s Ultimate Team may be to pump up your offense with superstars, but there is no position as important as the cornerback. Whether it’s blitzing the line or locking down wideouts, this group of defensive players can ensure your opponent doesn’t get a single touchdown. However, you’ll want to bolster your chances of this happening by going for the greatest Core Elite corners. Here are the best base MUT cornerbacks in Madden 23.

Who are the best MUT Core Elite cornerbacks in Madden 23?

It probably goes as no shock, but Jalen Ramsey, JC Jackson, and Xavien Howard make up the top three best Core Elite corners in Ultimate Team. If you have enough coins, Ramsey should be a no-brainer of a buy. The Super Bowl champ is tied for the highest Man Coverage and Zone Coverage ratings of all defensive backs. He also has some serious hops with his 86 Jumping rating. You can find the best base corners and their key ratings below, listed by the highest overall.

OverallName and teamSpeedJumpingMan CoverageZone Coverage
88Jalen Ramsey (Rams)86868887
87JC Jackson (Chargers)85838885
86Xavien Howard (Dolphins)83858581
85Tre’Davious White (Bills)85828386
85Trevon Diggs (Cowboys)85858187
85A.J. Terrell Jr. (Falcons)84818285
85Kendall Fuller (free agent)83838482
85Denzel Ward (Browns)86858582
85Kenny Moore II (Colts)84858385
84Shaquill Griffin (Jaguars)84848085

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Quite honestly, we were shocked to find that the Saints’ Marshon Lattimore hasn’t cracked the top 10. Though, this doesn’t mean he isn’t a quality back in the game. Lattimore is severely underrated, holding an 84 Man Coverage rating, an 81 in Zone Coverage, and an impressive 84 in Jumping. Additionally, it is worth taking a look at the best base running backs to see which your corners are capable of taking down when blitzing.