Best base MUT safeties in Madden 23

Shutdown your opponents with these secondary players.

Image via EA

As your last line of defense, safeties in Madden 23’s Ultimate Team can either make up for your lack of quality cornerbacks or burst through the offensive line for extra pressure. However, the amount of talented safeties are extremely limited in the card-collecting mode, as most have overall ratings of 80 or below. So, to ensure you stop everything from Hail Marys to outside runs, here are the best base MUT safeties in Madden 23.

Who are the best base MUT safeties in Madden 23?

There are just 10 base safeties that truly standout in Ultimate Team. That said, there is a major talent gap between Kevin Byard, Adrian Phillips, Jessie Bates and the rest of the field. These three free safeties have the best Zone Coverage ratings of all base players, and their incredible Play Recognition skills lend you strong chances at interceptions and incomplete throws. You can find the top 10 base safeties below, in order of the highest Overall rating.

OverallName and teamPositionSpeedPlay RecognitionMan CoverageZone Coverage
88Kevin Byard (Titans)FS85868288
87Adrian Phillips (Patriots)FS84868287
87Jessie Bates III (Bengals)FS85858287
86Amani Hooker (Titans)SS84837586
85Justin Simmons (Broncos)FS84837884
85Derwin James Jr. (Chargers)SS84808284
84Marcus Williams (Ravens)FS83828481
84Jordan Poyer (Bills)SS83837783
84Micah Hyde (Bills)FS84848184
84Harrison Smith (Vikings)SS83837183

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If these Pro Bowlers are too costly for you, we recommend snagging the Packers’ Adrian Amos. At the time of writing, he is typically sold for around 15,000 coins, a bargain considering he is an 83 Overall with an 84 Zone Coverage rating. No matter which you choose, you can then use Training Points to increase any one of their ratings and eventually make them the best in the league.