Best Childe/Tartaglia build in Genshin Impact

Water works.

Genshin Impact

Tartaglia, often refered to as Childe, is a very interesting character in Genshin Impact, with a fun playstyle. While people might be worried that he is a bow wielder, don’t be, as his abilities turn him into something of a melee monster.

As far as a build goes, you have a few interesting options for Childe that we will discuss in this article.


People who grabbed The Viridescent Hunt from last seasons battle pass can experiment with a fun tactions. When you hit enemies with normal or aimed shots, you have a chance to generate a Cyclone that draws in enemies, dealing 40% ATK damage. This can proc every 14 seconds. It’s a solid set up against a group of enemies, as you can then pop your abilities and take advantage of melee attacks against tightly clustered enemies.

If you would prefer to lean into Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage can go for The Stringless. You can obtain this from Wishes, and it will increase the damage from both by 48%, which is considerable.

It should also be noted that, as a bow user, Childe will also benefit from weapons like the Skyward Harp or the Rust Bow, both of which are also received from Wishes. Skyward Harp gives increased critical hit damage, while Rust will give increased normal attack damage, at the cost of some aimed shot damage.


Artifact choices should be used to either fully commit to a specific stat bump, or to mix and match benefits. The Noblesse Oblige set can be found at the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern in Liyue. You only need two parts to get an Elemental Burst damage increase of 20%. You can also opt for two parts of the Gladiator’s Finale, dropped by Elite and Weekly Bosses, to get 18% extra ATK.

The Wanderer’s Troupe, obtained from Stormterror, Enter the Golden House, and Wolf of the North, will gibve you an Elemental Mastery boost of 80, and the four piece bonus increase charged attack damage by 35% for bow users. Remember, the Elemental Mastery boost works best if you regularly use the character to take advantage of synergies set up by other characters.