The best Venti build in Genshin Impact

The best build for the long-winded bard.

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Venti is the Anemo Archon’s mortal vessel in Teyvat who Genshin Impact players get to meet during the very first chapter of the game. The free-spirited bard is a wine aficionado and friend to dragons, but he’s also a character that you can get and add to your teams. In that capacity, he’s a 5-star character that wields a bow and the Anemo element.

As part of a team, Venti excels in crowd control and is very cost-efficient when it comes to his powers. He can fit into almost any team comp that relies on comboing with Anemo, thus giving you a versatile character that can slot practically anywhere. He slots very well into the sub-DPS or support category in your team, so let’s see what are the best builds for Venti in Genshin Impact.

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The best build for sub-DPS Venti in Genshin Impact

This build should focus on getting as much Elemental Mastery stat as you can get to boost Venti’s Elemental Absorption damage. Building Venti in this way will let him excel in maximizing AoE damage against multiple enemies. Though his Energy Recharge is pretty good, this build will need to have a hefty amount of it to support the playstyle. Aim for around 180% Energy Recharge to fully optimize him.

When itemizing Venti for this build, look for Elemental Mastery as the main stat on all equipment that can get it, and then go with the substat priority of: Elemental Mastery > Energy Recharge > ATK% > CRIT Rate > CRIT DMG.

The best build for support Venti in Genshin Impact

Venti in the support role plays similarly, but the focus is on grouping up enemies and clumping them up for Elemental Burst which then combos with your main DPS’ Elemental reaction. Not only that, but the CC aspect of it is what’s going to enable you the most control during combat. Therefore, this build emphasizes Energy Recharge even more to give you the most consistent uptime on CC, so you should aim for around 200%.

The itemization for Venti as a support is a bit less straightforward. For main stats, look for Energy Recharge for the Sands slot, Anemo DMG Bonus for the Goblet slot, and ATK% or Elemental Mastery for the Circlet slot. For substats, the priority is: Elemental Mastery > Energy Recharge > CRIT Rate > CRIT DMG.

The best Talent priority for Venti in Genshin Impact

The main tool in Venti’s arsenal no matter the role is his Elemental Burst. It serves as both a source of damage and CC utility, so it should be prioritized. Other than that, look to upgrading his Elemental Skill next, and only if you have points to spare you can upgrade his Normal Attack.

The best items for Venti in Genshin Impact

The best Weapons for Venti

The best weapon for Venti is the Elegy for the End 5-star bow. It provides both Energy Recharge, as well as a skill effect that increases Elemental Mastery with an additional effect. Both of these are instrumental for Venti, so this is his best weapon bar none.

The second-best option is the Aqua Simulacra 5-star bow which leans more into the sub-DPS side of things with its CRIT DMG bonus and off-field damage boost effect.

For more budget versions, look for 4-star bows The Stringless and Favonius Warbow, which increase his Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge respectively. 

The best Artifact sets for Venti

Artifact sets provide extra bonuses on top of stats to their users. For Venti, the best set is the Viridescent Venerer. It slots perfectly for both sub-DPS and support roles with its 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses:

  • 2-Piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15% 
  • 4-Piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

The second-best set is the Emblem of Severed Fate, which leans more into the Energy Recharge and Elemental Burst sides of his kit with its bonuses:

  • 2-Piece: Energy Recharge +20%.
  • 4-Piece: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

For a more budget version, you can use a set that’s easier to obtain, The Exile. This set will also help with Energy Recharge while you farm up a stronger or better-statted set.