Best controllers for Fortnite

If keyboards and mice aren’t for you, you have some options to pick from.

Nintendo Switch Pro

Fortnite’s popularity spans multiple devices. From PC to mobile to console, the unique and competitive building FPS game continues to draw fans and players worldwide. The game offers full controller support for each platform as well, and perhaps in some cases, a controller is better. 

If you’re in the market for a controller but aren’t sure where to look, we’ve compiled a list of great controllers. They aren’t exclusively for Fortnite, but they are great options that work well with Fortnite, or any game. 

What to look for in a controller:

Keyboards and mice offer superior aiming, but there’s no arguing that the button functionality of a controller is more comfortable. But those of us that have rebound buttons can attest: there’s not enough buttons. If a basic controller isn’t enough, looking for controllers that add extra buttons will help speed up reactions.

Mentioned briefly above is if you’re struggling with a controller but still prefer it, consider rebinding keys. In many games, pressing in the joysticks triggers crouch, sprint, or some other ability. This can be particularly difficult in the middle of a game if you’re new or just returning to the controller. Do not be afraid to rebind keys.

There’s no clear category for the controllers. Most work with a specific console as well as PC. Anything that works with Xbox will work well with a Windows PC. In fact, one of the best options for Windows is Xbox Wireless or Xbox Elite controllers. But more on that below.

DualShock 4 

Image via Playstation

It may sound boring, but the best option for PlayStation 4 users is the standard DualShock 4 controller. It’s not exciting, it’s not aftermarket, and it only has some customization options, but it’s the PS4’s longtime partner, and it works. The official store offers several colors and a Fortnite specific controller. 

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Image via Razer

If the Dual Shock 4 just isn’t enough, Razer makes the Raiju Ultimate (and Raiju Tournament Edition), a PS4 controller with their fancy snake logo and some RGB aesthetic. The Raiju Ultimate is a step up from the Tournament Edition, adding that gamer-style RGB and customizable buttons. This is really where the Raiju Ultimate shines: the Raiju has interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pads. If you don’t like the location, you can simply pop them out and replace them. The Raiju Ultimate can be connected via Bluetooth or through a USB cord for both wireless and wired play. 

SCUF Impact

Image via SCUF

If the Razer Raiju Ultimate wasn’t good enough, then the SCUF impact is what you’ll want. SCUF is less well known, a little cheaper, but adds buttons to the back of the controller. One of the biggest downsides to a controller is needing to take your thumbs off the joysticks in the heat of battle to use abilities. SCUF solves this problem by adding buttons the rest of your hand can easily access. There are four possible back paddles. If the SCUF Impact is a bit out of range, there is the SCUF Infinity Pro that reduces some of the features (it only has two back paddles, for example) to cut some of the cost.

The SCUF Impact is compatible with the PS4 and PC.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Image via Xbox

In the same vein that PS4 Dual Shock controllers are among the best options for PS4 users, Xbox Wireless controllers are great for Xbox users. The added benefit for Xbox Wireless controllers is that they work with PC as well. A Dual Shock controller can be plugged into a PC, and it will function. It won’t function well. Some buttons will be swapped, but it will work technically. Xbox controllers are not like this. They are a simple plug-and-play controller for PC. The new Wireless series can be connected via Bluetooth to computers for those that enjoy the wireless aspect.

The Xbox store also offers a Fortnite inspired controller that comes in a nice purple shade (pictured).

Xbox Elite 2

Image via Xbox

The Xbox Elite 2 is a step up from the generic wireless controller. This is possibly the best option if you’re on PC or Xbox. The Elite 2 is like the SCUF Prestige and SCUF Impact combined with the Razer Wolverine or Raiju.

With customization and optional back paddles, the Xbox Elite 2 is a top contender for the best controller. There are two different D-pad options that players can swap between. The rear of the controller supports up to four paddles, all of which are removable and can be added at any point. With advanced button mapping mechanics, the Elite 2 lives up to its name.

Razer Wolverine

Image via Razer

The Razer Wolverine is Razer’s Xbox and PC controller. It is similar to the SCUF Prestige and the Xbox Elite. It offers back paddles for extra control or added functionality, and some of the typical Razer style gamers have come to expect from the brand.

SCUF Prestige

Image via SCUF

The SCUF Prestige is roughly the same as the SCUF Impact, but instead of PS4, it’s for the Xbox. It adds four long back paddles. The extra paddles for your fingertips take some of the pressure off your thumbs when gaming and reacting quickly. Plus, it helps when you need to pan your camera around while still shoot or build in-game.

Switch Pro Controller

Image via Amazon

It’s easy to forget that Fortnite has spread to the Switch. Consoles and PC dominate the FPS world, but the Switch has its own unique style to offer. There are a couple options when dealing with a Switch controller. There’s a docking station where players can simply place their joy-cons in and snap them in place. There’s also the Switch Pro controller. It replaces the joy-cons when the console is docked, but when playing handheld, you will want the Nintendo joy cons. Watch out for drift.

Razer Kishi

Image via Razer

Finally, mobile users. It took awhile for companies to make good controllers compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Razer stepped it up a notch and gave the gaming world the Razer Kishi, a controller that resembles the Switch. This is an ideal setup for mobile games. Instead of forcing players to use controls on the touch screen, the controls are on either side, much like the Nintendo Switch.

The overall decision depends on budget and goals. If you are looking for just a controller for the PlayStation with no intention of using it on a PC, the Razer or the SCUF models look great. If you don’t want to worry about taking your thumbs off the joysticks, SCUF models, the Razer Wolverine, or the Xbox Elite are your best options. You’re more limited on your choices if you’re not looking at mainstream consoles, but there are still great solutions.

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