Best Destiny 2 Warlock Jumps Ranked

In terms of difficulty, platforming in Destiny 2 truly is the endgame. Here are the top jumps for Warlocks, one of the hardest classes.

Image via Bungie

Hunters sure have it easy compared to Warlocks and Titans, due to their ability to jump. Sour feelings aside, there are still ways to navigate the platforming challenges in the game thanks to the many options available, particularly for the Warlock.

There are also traps hidden among those same options, so be aware of the properties of each jump before making a decision. Here’s how we rank them based on ability and usefulness, but keep in mind that the amount of mobility you have in your loadout will help a ton with all of them.

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Image via Bungie

Okay, let’s be straight – don’t choose this Destiny 2 Jump if you’re new and looking to do PvE content. It’s not necessary in anything PvE-related unless you know what you’re doing. In PvP, you can make some cool plays with it, but it’s still not necessary. Hopefully, Bungie is looking into ways to improve its usefulness, but there isn’t much you can do with something that takes control out of the hands of players. For now, just avoid this one for your sanity if you’re new to Warlock.

3. Focused Control

Image via Bungie

This Destiny 2 jump is situational at best but can be a big help in platforming compared to other options. The ability to strafe using Focused Control is top-notch, which is great if you’re trying to stick some precise landings. It’s also great in PvP if you want to take your opponents by surprise and maybe launch a missile from mid-air, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s also widely available for most sub-classes.

2. Balanced Glide

Image via Bungie

As the default option, Balanced Glide is fantastic thanks to its easy-to-use controls and decent burst. Unfortunately, that’s all it has going for it, as it is mid-range in all aspects – which is a good and bad thing if you’re looking for a particular aspect to master for platforming. We recommend that new players stick with this one for a while, until you can get a handle on how gliding works, then switch to any other option. You’ll have a better experience once you find one that can do more, even despite the drawbacks.

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1. Focused Burst

Image via Bungie

Focused Burst in Destiny 2 is a great tool for the initiated and a deathtrap for newbies. It requires you to know exactly how far you want to go while maintaining the reaction speed to stop exactly when you reach your destination. Focused Burst is at the top of the list thanks to the speed at which you take off from the ground. As a future speedrunner, which happens when you get to the point of repeating content over and over again, it’s a great timesaver that’ll help you keep up with your fire team, especially those pesky Hunters.