Destiny 2: Best F2P Grinding Spots for Armor and Weapons

Ready to boost your Destiny 2 experience as a free-to-play gamer? Explore accessible grinding spots for legendary armor and weapons—no more power level worries.

Image via Bungie

When it comes to grinding, free-to-play players are usually given the short end of the stick, but luckily, that’s not the case for Destiny 2. There are quite a few legendary armor, weapons, and gear that can be accessed if you know the right grinding spots. Each location is easy to access and doesn’t require a crazy power level to complete. All you need is a ghost, a gun, a great playlist of your favorite songs to get past the tedium, and you’re all set!

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Altars Of Sorrow

Image via Bungie

The Altar of Sorrow is best described as a horde mode in Destiny 2, meaning the enemies will be coming at you non-stop for your entire stay. You can start this activity by traveling to Sorrow Harbor on the Moon through the destinations menu. The rule of thumb here is to pick up the patrols at that location and then alternate between them at your own convenience. As you do this, you’ll go through many enemies, including a rotating set of bosses that changes weekly, and that’ll earn you some unique weapons for completing them.

Blind Well

Image via Bungie

Like Altars of Sorrow, Blink Well in Destiny is a horde-mode activity requiring you to survive an onslaught of incoming baddies. You can reach this activity by traveling to the Dreaming City and finding the large cliffside doorway that leads to Blind Well. Once inside, you’ll encounter either the Scorn, Hive, or Taken, depending on the weekly rotation. As you complete each tier, you’ll gradually climb the tiers from one to four, giving you better rewards.

Terminal Overload

Image via Bungie

Terminal Overload is only doable on the planet Neomuna and partially requires a key, which is only obtainable if you own the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. We say partially because there are two chests at the end, and only one of them is free to open. Remember that Terminal Overload is a world event, so you’ll find it in various regions around the planet. You can launch this event directly from the director if you wish to save some time.