The best Fortnite settings for Nintendo Switch

Bolster the console’s graphics and the speed of your abilities.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Although the default settings in Fortnite are manageable and easy to learn for any player, there are a number of options on its Nintendo Switch version that should be adjusted to allow for higher-end graphics and comfortable controls. Some of these may simply come down to preference, but the best Fortnite settings are those that make building, eliminating, and earning victories a breeze in portable and docked mode. Here’s every setting you should look to change in this version to make sure you reign supreme.


There will be times on Switch when objects or players from afar appear blurry or completely unrecognizable. To ensure you spot enemies from a distance, we recommend having the “Auto Download High Resolution Textures” option on. This is best suited for players with a high-speed internet connection and should allow the game to have graphics comparable to the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

General Settings

There are a host of in-game options that also make simple tasks easier or a little faster. We would suggest experimenting with the settings below to see if they improve your overall performance.

  • Sprint Cancels Reloading – Off
  • Tap to Search/ interact – On
  • Hold to Swap Pickup – Off
  • Aim Assist – On
  • Edit Mode Aim Assist – Off
  • Turbo Building – On
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons – On
  • Build Immediately – On

Game UI

Game UI settings let users decide what information appears on the in-game HUD, so this mainly comes down to personal preference. We only advise those playing in portable mode to turn the “HUD Scale” down to 85 percent. This will shrink things like the Mini-Map and Health Bars a tad bit to ensure you see everything in front of you.

Touch and Motion

The most important change one should be making is turning off Gyro Aiming in the Touch and Motion menu. If not, the slightest movement with your Joy-Cons can ruin the aim of your thumb-sticks. Those who’ve already toyed around with this setting may also need to turn off “Advanced Gyro Options” at the bottom of this menu.

Controller and Input Options

The only options that should be altered in the “Controller Options” menu are the sensitivity sliders. However, newcomers may want to drop into a few matches before deciding how fast-paced their movement should be. For seasoned veterans, we highly recommend the following changes:

  • Look Sensitivity: 7
  • ADS Sensitivity: 6
  • Build Mode Sensitivity: 1.7

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There really isn’t anything in the Audio menu that should be messed with unless needed. Though, it is worth keeping in mind players struggling to hear their squad should check its “Voice Chat” section to see if all of its options are on.

Controller Scheme

The Combat Pro controller scheme is the most useful for the majority of players and will most closely resemble other platforms. It also plays well on Joycons or the Pro Controller. This scheme allows you to quickly switch to weapons with the front triggers and easily build structures with just the press of a button.

We would suggest starting with the above settings and then experimenting, going up or down in sensitivity as you need to. Be sure to put in some work to try and master aiming at higher sensitivities, as it does give an advantage when it comes to quickly snapping to other players in a gunfight.

Now that you have everything set up, you might want to get yourself some new skins. If you really want to stand out, we recommend picking out one of the “sweatier” skins in the game, which can distinguish you as a player who’s wanting to take things a bit more seriously.