Best Goat Simulator games, ranked

Become the goat.

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Meant to be a parody of “normal” simulator games, developer Coffee Stain Studios did not expect their prototype of the Goat Simulator to go viral after it was posted on YouTube. A game where weird bugs make the gameplay more hilarious, this franchise brings back the premise of games just being games. Since its first release, Coffee Stain has expanded the franchise in all kinds of ways. To that end, we have ranked the best Goat Simulator games to help you figure out which of these may be more right up your alley.

7 – Goat Simulator: GoatY

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Getting all four games of the same franchise in a discounted bundle is not necessarily better than choosing just one or two to mess with, especially if it’s not narrative-driven anyway. That said, this bundle lets you see almost everything the series has to offer if you’re ready to take the plunge.

6 – Goat MMO Simulator

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Released shortly after the main Goat Simulator game went viral, Goat MMO Simulator took the fans by surprise. We all thought our dreams had come to fruition. Finally, we could be a bunch of dumb goats with our friends in a world filled with hilarious surprises.

Don’t be fooled by the name though, as it’s neither multiplayer nor online. It’s simply a simulator of what a Goat MMO game would look like, and we can give major props to the developer for making it look as convincing as it can be. There are realistic live chats by fake users, and you can use your XP to get new goat outfits for use in the main game. Other than a different environment and chuckle-worthy side quests, there’s no crafting, battling, or raiding involved.

5 – Goat Simulator

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

If you’re not a Goat Simulator fan looking to collect all the games, the OG Goat Simulator game is not something you should pick up first. That is unless you want the nostalgia of playing the first one.

You can try to fulfill the list of attainable achievements on the game as you would a regular game, but the way Goat Simulator is designed, you’re better off wandering the world for fun and surprising yourself that the absurd things you’ll find.

4 – Goat Simulator: GoatZ

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

If you want in on the joke but would actually like to play a game that gives you something tangible to do, GoatZ is something you can consider. In a world with hordes of undead humans (and goats, of course), you need to survive by fending or “killing” them off while trying not to starve to death for as long as you can. There’s also crafting involved to help you achieve this, along with a mission system that rewards you with extra health and food.

GoatZ is not too far off from the regular sandbox mode, though. The zombies are just as broken as the physics, and you are better off just galloping past them to survive unless you want the fun of wreaking havoc among the undead with one of the six weapons you can craft.

3 – Goat Simulator: Waste of Space

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Goat Simulator has never really followed the laws of science or physics, but with Waste of Space, you can now start chaos in zero-gravity environments. This DLC also takes another attempt at providing more structure to the game. You complete missions for money that funds improvements within the space colony, along with new areas and vehicles to explore.

This is the best DLC to consider if you are a sci-fi fan. It makes hilarious references to Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, No Man’s Sky, and more through its mini-games, game environments, and missions.

2 – Goat Simulator: PAYDAY

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

Wreaking havoc has consequences now with Goat Simulator: PAYDAY, making this version even more exciting. The police are out to get you and you can steal cars to escape. Not only that, but you also get your own crew consisting of a flying flamingo, a wheelchair-bound dolphin, and a camel.

You can also choose among four handsome goat variations, and you can spend your money from your heists on funny masks to change up your look. There’s also a static contract database that tells you what heists to go on to, adding some sense of direction to the unorganized, satirical, and chaotic mess that the Goat Simulator game has always been.

1 – Goat Simulator 3

Image via Coffee Stain Studios

In addition to clearer objectives and a quest log that tracks your progress, Goat Simulator 3 adds an upgradable base. With a much bigger map akin to the scale and detail of the earlier Grand Theft Auto games, the hilarious easter eggs, chance encounters, mini-games, and random collectibles that you discover as you level up the game, you can play this one for hours on end.

Goat Simulator 3 allows you to play with three other players through co-op online, and you can also do it via local split-screen. With how much the game has improved with this release, it’s no surprise that they just skipped naming the game Goat Simulator 2 altogether.