The Best Heroes in State of Survival

The best heroes for the job.

State of Survival

State of Survival is a mobile game in which you can gather many different heroes to help your settlement survive and thrive during the zombie apocalypse. Over the years, the roster of heroes has grown substantially, with many legendary heroes vying for the best spots. Players should also bear in mind that some heroes are better at certain tasks than others. While someone can be a great defender, they might lack the skills to help with gathering or PvP combat. That’s why we have prepared a guide to explain who the best heroes for different tasks are in State of Survival.

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The best heroes in State of Survival

The best heroes for gathering resources

Each resource has a specialization attached to it, and there are four heroes that best match them:

  • Mike — best for gathering Food
  • Rusty — best for gathering Metal
  • Chef — best for gathering Wood
  • Ghost — best for gathering Gas

The best heroes for Explorer Trail

Explorer’s Trail is all about fighting the infected for resources and XP at the cost of Stamina. There are a few heroes best suited for this task:

  • Travis — he is the best hero for this task because of his Stamina reduction and infected damage boost traits
  • Jane — her fence can add up damage against the infected
  • Sarge — he deals a lot of damage while on exploration
  • Tony — excellent for reducing the defense stat on the infected
  • Nikola — he has great debuff potential with his electro equipment

The best heroes for rallying settlements

These heroes work best when you rally with other members of your Alliance to attack settlements together with all your Troops. Heroes with bonus stats for rallying work best, and those are:

  • Maddie and Frank  — they have an extremely powerful Troop attack bonus
  • Jeb — super-powerful bonuses to Troop attack and defense
  • Jarrett — grants a damage bonus and a nice debuff
  • Wolfe — he applies a defense debuff to enemies while increasing your Troops’ HP
  • Nikola — increases Troop HP while having a chance to stun the enemies
  • Zoe — all of her Military traits increase Troops’ attack and damage
  • Miho — all of her Military traits benefit your Troops, from debuffs to enemies to increased damage
  • Lucky — reduces enemy defense while increasing your Troops’ HP

The best heroes for PvP

PvP tends to be very similar to Rallying but without the benefit of an Alliance around you. You should look for the Siege stats for your heroes, and some of the best are:

  • Ray and Rolex — he is all about Siege, with extra bombs and a bonus to crit
  • Miho — with all of her Military trait bonuses, Miho is great at Siege as well
  • Lucky — debuffs and Troop durability are excellent for PvP
  • Eva — her Web Grenades are great for PvP, along with bonus Troop damage

The best heroes for Garrison duty

While not the most glamorous task, it’s important to keep your base safe after all. You can assign heroes to protect it, lending their Patrol traits and bonuses to the defense. These are some of the best heroes for this task:

  • Nikola — considering all of his traits, he is tailor-made for the defense of your base
  • Maddie and Frank — all-around great bonuses for Garrison
  • Trish — the medic has great bonuses to help your base defense
  • Zach — his drones provide various benefits that help with the base defense
  • Zoe — her crossbow tower trait can be crucial for protecting your base
  • Ray and Rolex — flaming cocktail, Rolex, and grenades, Ray has it all
  • Ernie — he is a beast at controlling the fight and smashing the enemies
  • Ash — her different landmines are very useful for defense
  • Wolfe — with acid spray and regeneration, he can stop any advance