Best Heroes in State of Survival

Who should do what?

State of Survival

If you are playing State of Survival you may be curious who the best heroes are. Truthfully, this is not an easy answer, as heroes will excel in different areas due to their specilizations. Someone might be terrible at defending your settlement, but they will be a great option when it comes to finding certain resources.

In this guide, we will run through the various tasks you may need to do, and the best heroes to choose for them.

Gathering Resources

The following heroes will have a boost for gathering different resources:

  • Mike – has a boost to food gathering
  • Rusty – has a boost to metal gathering
  • Chef – has a boost to wood gathering
  • Ghost – has a boos to gas gathering

Attacking Settlements

Settlement attackers will want the Seige specialization.

  • Lucky – reduces enemy troop defense
  • Jeb – reduces enemy troop lethality
  • Trish – reduces enemy troop attack
  • Ray – reduces enemy troop attack

Rallying Settlements

These defenders will provide a Rally bonus, thanks to the Patrol specialization.

  • Maddie and Frank – Rally Troop Attack
  • Nikola and Zeo – Rally Troop Defense
  • Wolf – Rally Troop Lethality
  • Lucky – Rally Troop Health
  • Trish – Rally Troop Lethality

Dealing with Infected

At some point, you will need to worry about the shamblers.

  • Travis – reduces Infected march speed
  • Sarge – reduces Infected defense
  • Nikola – reduces Infected attack
  • Tony – reduces Infected defense

Defending your Settlement

Defending your settlements falls into main areas, defending from regular attacks, and defending from the Infected. For regular attacks, Trish, Maddie and Frank, Wold, and Ash are all good options. Against the Infected, Nikola, Trish, Ash, Maddie, and Frank should all prove to be highly valuable.