Best Holger 556 Loadout in Modern Warfare 3: Attachments, Perks & Playstyle

The Holger 556 is Modern Warfare 3’s best Assault Rifle, and you can make it even better with the right attachments, perks, and playstyle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Modern Warfare 3’s early meta will be turbulent, but slapping the best Holger attachments and perks on your loadout will give you a leg up before the competition catches up to you.

MW3’s weapon roster is the biggest in Call of Duty history. It’s going to be quite some time before I can definitively say which gun is the very best, but the Holger .556 has a real needle-in-the-haystack quality so far.

It has damage range, great time-to-kill stats, and shoots impressively straight for a gun with so much power. You’ll need the right class and attachments to make it sing though, so pay close attention to optimize your loadout.

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Holger 556 Loadout – MW3 Attachments & Perks

Modern Warfare 3 Holger 556 Stats
Screenshot by Gamepur

First, let me offer a word of warning. Things can change quickly, and better options may appear in the coming days. You’ll want to keep your ear to the ground if other competitors emerge, but after watching multiple pro players destroy matches with the Holger 556, this is how I suggest you build it.

Holger 556 PartAttachment
BarrelChrios-6 Match
UnderbarrelXRK Edge BW-4 Handstop
GripMorn-20 Grip
OpticSlate Reflector
Ammunition556 High Velocity

It all starts with the Chrios-6 Match Barrel. Extended range, extra bullet velocity, and a healthy splash of recoil control work hand in hand to anchor your aim and make this AR deadly. The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop brings some speed to the party, while the Morn-20 Grip further tightens your control by tempering the kick pattern.

We’ve got roughly a billion Optic choices this year, but after a few rounds of private match experimentation against my pals, the Slate Reflector still stands above the rest of the crowd. I don’t love the general bulky designs of Cronen-style attachments, but choose whatever is most comfortable for you.

5.56 High-Velocity Ammo is also a huge help, as Modern Warfare 3’s ARs feel sluggish without some added pep in their metaphorical step.

This particular loadout doesn’t need any particular perks to thrive, but I’ve settled on a standard setup that works well for me.

  • Vest: Infantry Vest
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Covert Sneakers
  • Gear: Ghost T/V Camo

I prefer to make plays, slip out quietly, and then reposition close by to catch anyone trying to outsmart me, but our playstyles are likely different, so your mileage will vary. If you want to play my way, I have some quick tips.

Holger 556 Playstyle in Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Window View Airplane Holger 556
Screenshot by Gamepur

I’ve found the Holger 556 excels in medium-range fights. I was taking some ill-advised battles down the long streets of Invasion and still miraculously coming out on top in most of them. My friends aren’t exactly slouches at the game either, so I know it has more to do with the gun than with a skill gap.

Like any Assault Rifle, you’re strongest when you’re stationary with the Holger. Find good pieces of cover, keep your sights up when possible, and never get caught sprinting. ARs are stronger than the SMGs in general right now, but a Ripper player is still too much to overcome.

Scrapyard, Skidrow, Karachi, Sub Base, and Terminal are the perfect kinds of maps for this gun. Long-range gunfights aren’t ideal (you’re likely to be countered by a sniper eventually), so try to avoid shootouts over 40 meters when possible. You will save your sanity and your K/D Ratio much easier that way.