Best Way To Farm Schematics Fast in MW3 Zombies

Schematics allow players to drop into MW3 Zombies with the best gear possible for every run. Farming them can be tricky though.


Image via Activision Blizzard

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As players jump into more matches in MW3 Zombies and bring back better and better loot each time, they’ll discover they need to push harder to get the best items in the game. Schematics. However, these are incredibly hard to find and farm without the right strategy.

When players first start out in MW3’s Zombies Mode, they’ll have no Schematics to help them prep for future missions. As they slowly acquire more and more, it becomes evident how powerful having a Brain Rot Ammo Mod or Perk-a-Cola can be from the very start of a match. Getting more Schematics isn’t easy, though, and requires players to push the boat out by venturing into the most dangerous part of Urzikstan.

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The Best Strategy For Farming Schematics in MW3 Zombies

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The best way to farm Schematics in MW3 Zombies Mode is to complete Contracts until a Deliver Cargo Contract shows up in the center of the map. Players then need to rush into that zone, regardless of the level of their weapons, and complete the Contract before grabbing whatever rewards it offers and bolting.

Deliver Cargo Contracts are what we believe are the easiest Contracts to complete in MW3 Zombies. Players pick up the Contract, hop into a vehicle, and drive it to a location. While there are complications, such as a helicopter firing missiles at the vehicle as players drive, it’s not enough to make the mission seem daunting.

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Finding a Deliver Cargo Contract in the High Threat Zone can be tough because they don’t always spawn from the start of the match. If players don’t see one, they should complete Contracts in the Low Threat Zone until one pops up.

Once players see a Deliver Cargo Contract in the High Threat Zone, they must rush into that area. Even if players have low-level weapons, they should grab a vehicle and head directly for the Contract. It takes mere seconds to pick it up, and players can run off as it triggers to avoid taking damage. The better the armor and weapons players have, the easier this is, but it’s entirely possible with the most basic loadout. We’ve done it plenty of times.

Driving between the vehicle pick-up point and the final destination can be challenging if there are a lot of zombies. The best way we’ve found of getting to it is by using Decoy Grenades, which provide a small window in which to grab the vehicle and get moving.

Finally, once players have delivered the vehicle, they must jump out of it and take everything from the Reward Rift as fast as possible. Zombies in the High Threat Zone are fast and agile, so they’ll get to players quickly and rip them to shreds. Once players have acquired everything from the Reward Rift, they need to get into a vehicle, preferably the one they just delivered, and drive to a lower Threat Zone.

We’ve found that it’s better to check what rewards we managed to get after we’re out of the High Threat Zone. Once things are calmer and enemies are less dangerous, it’s easier to take stock of what’s been acquired and tweak loadouts accordingly.

How to Survive for Longer in MW3 Zombies Mode

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The above is the best strategy we’ve been able to craft for farming Schematics in MW3 Zombies Mode. It’s not perfect, and there are so many ways to lose good gear with it, but we’ve also managed to come up with some fantastic methods for securing Schematics and reaching an Exfil with them.

For example, it’s always best to have a Self-Revive equipped where possible. This item allows players to pick themselves up off the ground when they’ve taken too much damage. We always wait until other players have kited away the surrounding zombies before using it, especially in the High Threat Zone.

Another way we’ve been able to secure more Schematics from our farming method is by making a plea to other teams after dying. It takes a long time, but we’ve never been let down. By holding the down button after dying in MW3 Zombies, players can trigger a map icon that will draw in other players who want another squad mate.

This can take around ten minutes to pay off, but another player will eventually turn up and revive anyone who has fallen and wants to keep their gear. Look for a vehicle upon revival because it’s usually a good idea to head directly for an Exfil point after death.