CoD: MW3 Breaks Modern Warfare Engagement Record Ahead Of Season 1 Launch

Thanks to the incredible number of hours players have poured into MW3, the game is now the most successful Modern Warfare entry.


Image via Activision Blizzard

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Activision Blizzard has announced that Call of Duty: MW3 has set new engagement records for the Modern Warfare series. Across all three core game modes, players have put in more hours than they have for the launch window of any other Modern Warfare release.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become the most engaging Modern Warfare title in the sub-series’ history. Players have enjoyed the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies modes more than in Modern Warfare 2019 or Modern Warfare 2 after just two weeks on sale. Given the fresh direction MW3 takes in each game mode, it’s hardly surprising, offering players something new in even the most familiar and tired old battlegrounds.

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Activision Blizzard Celebrates MW3 Community With Bonus Weekend and Season 1 Start Date Reveal

MW3 has had an incredibly successful launch, and the team behind it has shared some insightful stats that demonstrate how engaged in the game players have been since launch.

Fans have responded in droves, expressing how much they love the game. Even content creators are hopping in to tell the development team about the joy they’ve had with MW3 and how they want to keep on playing.

Overall, fans have played the game for more hours per person than MW 2019 and MW2, MW3 zombies mode is officially the most engaging third mode in the Modern Warfare franchise’s history, and players have put in more hours per person into the campaign than in the previous two Modern Warfare entries.

We felt that MW 2019 was the most successful of the reboot trilogy because it was a return to a beloved classic. However, having sunk more hours into MW3 zombies mode than we’d like to admit, it’s not hard to see how the latest game has become the most engaging.

As a thank you to players, MW3 will have a triple feed holiday weekend with double XP, double weapon XP, and double Battle Pass XP. The development team also revealed that the official start date for MW3 Season 1 is December 6, 2023.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a MW3 player. Season 1 will mark the start of the grind for XP for most newcomers and will almost certainly see the addition of the latest Warzone update. The season will be a springboard for even more players to jump into the game, which should only lead to more success for MW3.