Best HUT Synergies in NHL 22

A lot to digest.

Image from EA Sports

Synergies are once again back for Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) in NHL 22, and it works mostly the same. There is, however, one big change. As we broke down in the NHL 22 synergy list, no team synergies exist. Because of this, only those who have a synergy will receive its boost should it be active. Additionally, there are also quite a few new synergies in the game, thus making things a little bit different this year.

So, which synergies are the best in NHL 22? We have our list, so let’s break it down.


  • Description: +2 Acceleration, +3 Endurance, +2 Puck Control, +5 Strength

Strength and player size have become a lot more important for the new gameplay in NHL 22, so beefing that help out a bit. Add that +5 boost to increases to Acceleration and Endurance, and this synergy should be one to add to your must-activate list.


  • Description: +2 Acceleration, +4 Defensive Awareness, +4 Discipline, +4 Passing

Wingman, much like with Workhouse, adds a +2 to Acceleration. Additionally, this synergy adds a +4 to Defensive Awareness, Defensive Awareness plays a big role in determining how quickly your player reacts to loose pucks, and how skaters evaluate passes. This is pretty important, especially for your AI defenders, so the boost should help. And, the +4 to Passing doesn’t hurt, either.


  • Description: +3 Durability, +3 Passing, +3 Puck Control, +2 Speed

We mentioned that strength and size matters a lot more in NHL 22. But, Speed is still important, too. Distributor was the go-to synergy last year, and it should still get a fair amount of use in 22. Distributor raises the Speed stat by +2, while also providing Durability and Passing increases. The latter is tantalizing, since Passing, which affects puck movement, is always an important attribute to boost. Any forward or defenseman could use this synergy.

Booming Shot

  • Description: +3 Agility, +3 Body Checking, +2 Slap Shot Power, +3 Strength

You would think that a synergy called Booming Shot would boost shooting attributes, and it does. Booming Shot adds a +2 to Slap Shot Power, but that’s not all. Strength, Body Checking, and Agility all get boosted, as well. This is the kind of synergy that’s perfect for defensemen (if you can find one or two that have it), plus big, hard-hitting forwards.


  • Description: +2 Acceleration, +4 Body Checking, +2 Deking, +4 Strength

We move on to our last synergy to target in HUT: Spark. Spark is built for hard-hitters, but also adds a bit of skill as well. Acceleration, Body Checking, Deking, and Strength all receive boosts. All of these attributes are important for various reasons (size and strength creates turnovers, dekes can create scoring chances), so having a synergy like Spark active can really be a help for those cards that have it.