Best Lisa build in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Lisa is one of the free characters in Genshin Impact and will be your first Electro hero. Despite being a free character, Lisa still has many strengths of her own. She might not compare to the best of the best in her own element, but she’s viable and has plenty of great builds for you with the introduction of Dendro in Version 3.0.

Lisa’s elemental skill is Violet Arc which causes a home orb to track down enemies and hit them with Electro damage. You can also hold the ability to call down a lightning strike, dealing large AoE damage. Enemies with Electro-Conduct stacks will take more damage based on the stacks. Her elemental burst is Lighting Rose, which will cause powerful Electro bolts to strike enemies.

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Best weapons for Lisa in Genshin Impact

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As a Catalyst character, Lisa has a somewhat limited number of weapons to choose from as an offensive character. Lisa thrives as a damage dealer but has numerous different applications thanks to the introduction of Dendro in Version 3.0. Here are the best weapons to choose from for Lisa:

  • The Kagura’s Verity is her best weapon for most of her builds. This 5-star weapon is a hassle to obtain but yields great rewards for Lisa. Aside from providing a massive amount of stats, up to 608 ATK and 66.2% Crit DMG, it also has a strong passive that will increase her Elemental DMG.
  • For low-spenders, you can choose between the Solar Pearl or The Widsith based on her needs. If you need more Crit Rate, choose the former. If you need more Crit DMG, choose the latter. Note that the Solar Pearl is only available for players who purchase the Battle Pass, making it an unfriendly option for free-to-play players.
  • For free-to-play players, you can consider choosing the Mappa Mare. This craftable 4-star weapon provides a respectable amount of ATK and Elemental Mastery, as well as a passive that increases her Elemental DMG.

Best artifacts for Lisa in Genshin Impact

Thanks to the introduction of Dendro in Genshin Impact, Lisa has a new role as an Electro DPS who synergizes well with other Electro units. Aggravate and Spread are great reactions that Lisa takes great advantage of.

  • The 4-piece Thundering Fury set received a minor rework that increased the damage of the Aggravate reaction. This makes this Lisa’s best artifact set, whereas you may have used the Noblesse Oblige or Emblem of Severed Fate sets before.
  • The 4-piece Gilded Dreams set increases her Elemental Mastery as well as her damage after triggering an Elemental Reaction.

Best teams for Lisa in Genshin Impact

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As an Electro character, Lisa works best, synergizing with other Dendro characters to amplify her damage. With the Aggravate reaction, Lisa becomes a stellar damage dealer. Pair her with Nahida, Dendro Traveler, or Collei (at least two) for a solid Dendro support lineup. Kuki Shinobu is another solid Electro healer that synergizes well with Dendro characters.