Best Lyney Builds In Genshin Impact

Here are some of the best weapons and artifact options for Lyney builds in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Lyney Build

Image by Gamepur

Lyney is the lovable magician introduced with the release of the fifth area, Fontaine, in Genshin Impact. This Pyro user can be a great asset to the team if players know what equipment works best for him.

Lyney is a Pyro Element DPS character that does high amounts of damage with his Charged Attacks along with supplemental damage with his Skill and Burst attacks. He is best used for Mono-Pyro teams and specifically works well with Bennett, especially when his A4 Talents are unlocked. With this in mind, here are some of the best options to maximize Lyney’s abilities.

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Best Artifacts for Lyney Build

Genshin Impact lyney build artifacts
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The important stats to concentrate on for Lyney are ATK%, Pyro DMG, and Crit DMG/Crit Rate. The best artifacts for him are from the Marechaussee Hunter set. This will boost his Charged Attack DMG and increase his Crit Rate. Players should have the Sands artifact’s main stat be for ATK%, the Goblet’s be for Pyro DMG, and the Circlet be for Crit DMG.

If players can’t get the whole set, a great alternative would be combining the Marechausee Hunter set with the Crimson Witch of Flames, two artifacts each. A couple of other alternative artifacts that can be used are Vermillion Hereafter and Pale Flame if the others can’t be located.

The best Talents for players to emphasize are Lyney’s Normal ATK and Skill and Burst abilities. The best sub-stats to priorities that will boost those abilities are Crit Rate, ATk%, Energy Recharge, and Flat ATK. Lyney loses HP when firing his Prop Arrow but gains HP when using his Skill. Having artifacts that will recharge his Skill and give it extra power will be the most beneficial for the Lyney build.

Best Weapons For Lyney Build

Genshin Impact Lyney weapons build
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The best weapons for Lyney are ones that pair well with Marechausee Hunter or any of the other aforementioned artifacts. Possible weapon choices are the following.

5 Star4 Star
The First Great MagicSong of Stillness
Thundering PulsePrototype Crescent
Aqua SimulacraScion of the Blazing Sun
Amo’s BowBlackcliff Warbow
Polar Star

The best thing to consider for a Lyney build is the output of damage when on the field. The First Great Magic will increase his ATK along with his Charged ATK DMG. It also pairs well with alternative artifacts, making it ideal for Lyney to use.

The Aqua Simulacra, a weapon that gives Crit DMG a bonus and increases overall damage dealt, also pairs well with all the artifacts mentioned above.

Amo’s Bow, Song of Stillness, and Prototype Crescent are all acceptable weapons that are much easier to obtain. The Song of Stillness is an excellent F2P weapon that will boost Lyney’s ATK% and base ATK. If he has a healer on his team, the weapon will boost his overall damage even more.