The Best Minecraft Mods

Doom Recreated in Minecraft

I’m guilty of mod abuse. I love adding mods to games, the more, the better. I will struggle through a lengthy load time if that means I can have my favorites in the game. For reference, I’m regularly running thirty to forty mods or more. And here I have a list of ten! Narrowing it to ten was a daunting task. I love all of them!

Mod preference comes down to gameplay style. If you’re into crafting and building like I am, the first section with the list of decor mods, that section happens to be first because I’m entirely unbiased in my preferences.

Okay, that’s a lie.

If decor isn’t your style, there are others listed, including some basic quality of life improvements that I would suggest everyone get regardless of gameplay preferences. However, if you’re looking for graphic improvement mods, you won’t find them here. If you’re in the market for visuals, like improving textures or graphics, then might I direct you to our Best Minecraft Resource Packs topic? I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

I admit that my time in Minecraft is somewhat lacking. I enjoy the gameplay, especially the crafting, and watching my friends run screaming from Enderman after an ill-advised staring contest with him, but the charming pixel graphics hurt my eyes after a brief period. I’ll give some of the previously linked resource packs a try and see if it improves.

Building and Decor Mods

Let’s get these out of the way, shall we? These are the ones for the builders, the base designers, and the interior decorators of Minecraft. If you’re in this group, exploring is fun, but what’s more enjoyable than carving out the perfect home? Sure you could tame fifty wolves to attack your intruders, or you could have fashionable furniture for your base and make everyone else jealous. Still, tame the wolves.

Decocraft Logo


Base building is tedious, especially if you’re playing vanilla Minecraft with a little flare to add to your base. Sure you can build things like shelves and a bed from blocks, but wouldn’t you instead give them some polish? Decocraft adds a ton of furniture to your crafting list: poster beds, dining room tables, cutlery, silverware, vanities, bathrooms, lamps, children’s toys, and even holiday decorations. Creating and decorating your base will be more enjoyable with the plethora of aesthetically pleasing options.

As a side note, this mod does require PTRLib to run.

Chisel Image


Another one for the builders and crafters. As described by the mod creator, “Chisel adds a huge variety of decorative blocks to the game.” Some of these blocks are new patterns as well as new material. Using the chisel tool, players can unlock a variety of different blocks to use to customize their bases.

Chisel also requires a library mod to function, found here.

Chisels & Bits logo creation from the mod page

Chisels & Bits

Okay, I know it sounds like the same thing as above, but that’s purely in the title. Where Chisel adds a singular tool and decorative blocks, Chisels & Bits adds chisels and a wrench for custom decorative blocks. By no means do you need both, but both made the list for their utility. Chisels & Bits even lets you save custom designs. Also, you can utilize various materials in one item. An example on the mod’s page shows flooring made from stone, sandstone, and emerald to make a lovely tile pattern.

Quality of Life Improvements

Finally, we’re out of the decor category. All the non-builders out there can breathe a sigh of relief. Unlike the mods above, some of which could arguably provide some quality of life improvements, these mods are more general gameplay improvements. Here you’ll find things that make the game better to play overall.

JourneyMap Logo


This is a must. With a map feature that shows you exactly where you’re headed and a comprehensive mini-map in the upper corner, it just makes gathering and exploring that much easier. It’s not any less dangerous, however, so bring a weapon. The map fills in as you explore in real-time and can be viewed full screen in the game, as a mini-map, or in a web browser.

OptiFine World from the Wiki Page


Okay, I lied. I said I didn’t include any graphics ones in the list, but this is the exception, primarily because it’s not limited to graphics improvement. It speeds crafting and helps smooth graphics out for struggling computers. If your computer is running slowly in Minecraft, this may help.

Recipe for the Chest Transporter item

Chest Transporter

This is a godsend. An absolute must-have. Chest Transporter takes the agony out of moving items and organizing. Just pick up the chest, items and all, and move it to your desired location. No more emptying the chest, moving the items, moving the chest, and then redoing it all. Moving chests isn’t paining until this mod shows how easy it can be.

JEI's Example Image for their mod


JEI stands for Just Enough Items. The official page calls it “an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft.” See all the items needed for a recipe right in the crafting screen. It also lets you search for items.

Screenshot of Hwyla in action


Another acronym, this time, it’s “Here’s What You’re Looking At.” Hwyla is another “UI improvement” mod that displays information on the blocks you’re looking at, as the name describes. It’s a newer fork of the older mod WAILA (“What am I looking at?”). If you were a fan of WAILA, you’d enjoy Hwyla.

Biome and Map Expansion Mods

Finally, we’re nearing the end. The final section is for the explorers. There are so many options out there, from maps that expand into cities to space exploration that it’s hard to find just a couple for this list. The two here are some of the higher-rated ones and also offer some exciting modifications to materials, because it always goes back to building for me.

Blue Tree found in Biomes O' Plenty from the Wiki

Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty is precisely as its name suggests. It adds several other biomes to the game, allowing for further exploration and gathering. Included is a fantasy biome with blue trees. Blue trees mean blue wood, which means blue house!

Screenshot from Natura's page


Another tree and biome mod. This could have been included in the decor ones if I’m perfectly honest since it also adds some new crafting items such as fences, bookshelves, and more. It, however, is a biome mod first. One of the features includes a eucalyptus tree with pink wood. So if the blue base suggested above doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a pink option!

Natura also works with Biomes O’ Plenty, should you wish to have both.

As with some of the other mods, the creator indicates it requires another mod to run. The required mod, Mantle, can be found here.

And with that, you have ten of the best mods to add to a server. There are more available that are amazing. Limiting it to ten was a struggle since there are many I’d like to include, but due to updates or lack of, many good ones were excluded until they catch up with the latest versions of the game. Others I just wanted to include because I want all of the decor mods in the world.

Enjoy and watch out for creepers.