Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds


Image via Microsoft

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is how customizable the experience is. You can go into a random world and entirely craft it to the way you see fit or find a specific seed that you find appealing. Individual Minecraft worlds are called seeds. Each seed creates a new world with unique terrain and setups that can be beneficial to players looking for a specific world layout. To access these worlds on your own, create a new world, and insert the number for the seed (it will be in the game settings). Here are some of the best seeds you can find in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Buried Desert Temple

Seed: -914856115

This seed places you above a buried desert temple that will be the home to a skeleton spawner. Dig your way down and have access to an easy experience farm and plenty of bows and arrows to equip yourself with.

Triple Village

Seed: 1388582293

Triple Village

This seed starts you off near three villages that have spawned merged. On this savannah biome, you will find multiple blacksmiths, farms, and buildings to call your own. The surrounding area has rivers, mountains, and deserts to allow for additional structure.

Hidden Stronghold

Seed: 66898262

When you spawn into this world, you may think you have been placed into a normal-looking village. The conventional farms and buildings that make up most villages will be present, but once you jump into the well, you will find a hidden castle area complete with an end portal.

Giant Mesa Spikes

Seed: 742382451

Mesa Spikes

This seed will spawn you near a giant mesa that will hold its own unique set up of blocks. Even though it isn’t normal, this an area filled with mesa spikes.

Giant Tundra

Seed: 1410403532


This seed places you next to an icy tundra biome covered in ice and snow. If you are looking for a cool adventure, give this seed a try.

Mesa with Mine Shafts

Seed: 2431673

Mine Shafts

This mesa is home to various mine shafts and resources. If you like to spend your time underground and be rewarded quickly, this seed is for you.

Survival Island

Seed: 24517192

This seed is for the Minecraft players looking for a challenge. You are spawned on a small island in a remote ocean. Set your game to survival and see how long you can survive using only the resources you find in the area.