The top 10 best Minecraft Skyblock servers

Find out which Skyblock servers are the best in Minecraft.

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Surviving on one of Minecraft’s Skyblock maps is no easy task, yet it’s something players will always strive to accomplish. Starting on a small block with nothing but the bare essentials and expanding your world into a far-reaching paradise is a call no Minecraft player can ignore. However, there’s only so much you can do in the base version of the game, which is why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best Minecraft Skyblock servers, so you can try out the very best Skyblock experiences the community has to offer.

This list presents these Skyblock servers in no particular order because each one offers a subtly different experience. Some may be better than others, but what makes them better is down to how you like to play and what you’re looking for in your Skyblock game. However, it’s important to note that we’ve only included the most popular servers with high populations because that allows you the chance to play with others, visit another players’ world, or have someone visit yours.

What is Minecraft Skyblock?

In Minecraft Skyblock, you’re placed on an island in the sky, given very few tools and resources, and the goal of scavenging to find the materials you need to expand the island. It sounds horrible and completely counter-intuitive to the core Minecraft experience. However, it can be fun if you give it a chance. The main draw is the challenge, which other Minecraft modes can’t offer anything close to. You can, of course, ramp things up by turning on hardcore mode, meaning if you drop off the edge of your Skyblock, you’ll die and your progress will reset. Check the rules of each server before you play, because not all of them will delete your world upon death.

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Cosmic Sky was updated relatively recently with even more content to keep things feeling fresh in one of the most hardcore Skyblock experiences you can play. There are daily rewards, challenges, and much more baked into this server to make playing each day feel engrossing and never get old. It’s far from the classic experience some players might be looking for, but anyone who is bored of that can find something to challenge them here. is another great Skyblock server to try out. The owners have put together a few unique mods to enhance the experience and make it feel completely different from anything else you’ll have played. However, it’s a lot more intense than you might be used to and best approached after getting some standard Skyblock games under your belt. may be the most popular Minecraft Skyblock server out there. Progression in this server is based on hitting goals and unlocking levels and skills. The more your progress, the more capable you’ll be and the more accomplished you’ll feel. You’re not hemmed into one path though, because you can choose how to level up your character and define your own character. There’s a deep player economy on this server that you’ll also encounter if you use it, something that can keep you returning to play even once you’ve scratched that Skyblock itch.

InsanityCraft has a core team of dedicated people who are monitoring and running the server, planning frequent events for players to participate in and promising a ton of ways to win money. There are various modes available on the server, including Skyblock.


What is cooler than the Minecraft Skyblock experience with dinosaurs? Nothing, that’s right. And that’s what this server can give you. Find a way to survive among the usual threats you can face in the game and the addition of our favorite scaly friends. You can play Survival and Skyblock on the server, and it has a good stream of events that are held to keep you interested and engaged.


MineSuperior is designed to be about what the players want in a server. They constantly update it to fit the community preferences, they are transparent in how and when they update, and they’ve created plenty of systems to make the server prosper. It comes with Towny, factions, a balanced economy, and much more for you to enjoy.

Pixelmon Reforged/Pixelmon Realms

It’s not just Pixelmon that this server will give you as it has a full Skyblock game mode for you to play in. When you combine the two, well, that is where the most fun is had. There are plenty of fun creatures for you to come across, capture, and train for your roster. All while trying to make it on your little island in the sky. Be ready to kill a few Pixelmon though, because your resources have got to come from somewhere.


PvPWars is a Skyblock server unlike any other. It’s got a few features that other servers don’t such as a mob arena and spawner, but the thing that separates it from the crowd is the level of competition. The top players get paid every month based on who has the best island, so players are constantly pushing themselves to reach that goal. If you want a server that will value your time, providing you’re good enough, then this might be the one that takes your fancy. is one of the most user-friendly Skyblock servers you can jump into. The mods work tirelessly to ensure that there’s always something new, regardless of whether you’re playing Skyblock or survival, and won’t delete your worlds if you die. If you’re looking for a calm experience, this is as calm as playing Skyblock gets.

We want to warn you first: this server is pay-to-win, which means that you can spend real money to get an advantage in it. If that turns you off, then this isn’t the server for you. However, if that isn’t a problem for you then this server has plenty to offer: Factions, Creative, mini-games, consistent server events for prizes, and more.

Once you’ve picked your server, you’ll want to make sure your base is looking good. We recommend building yourself a rad underground base after you’ve accumulated enough resources.