The top 10 best Minecraft skyblock servers

Find out which Skyblock servers are the best in Minecraft.

Surviving on one of Minecraft’s Skyblock maps is no easy task yet it is something that players have continuously striven to accomplish.

Being placed on an island in the sky, given very little tools and resources, and given the goal of scavenging to find the materials you need to expand the island and live is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. This is why so many people love the game’s Skyblock servers.

Many of these servers offer a lot more to do than just surviving as well, which is why we have gone through and found the best Skyblock servers based on the player population and community opinion.


DatBlock comes with the standard Minecraft experience with Survival, Skyblock, and more. It also has a real-world Earth map that you can play on — complete with nations and wars — as well as a Mars map that is full of colonies to explore. It gives you plenty of mini-games to have fun with and a good amount of events to indulge in.

InsanityCraft has a core team of dedicated people who are monitoring and running the server, planning frequent events to partake in, and promising a ton of ways to win money. It comes with the Skyblock experience, along with many other classic ways to play Minecraft.


What is cooler than the Minecraft Skyblock experience with dinosaurs? Nothing, that’s right. And that’s what this server can give you. Find a way to survive among the usual threats you can face in the game and the addition of our favorite scaly friends. You can do Survival and Skyblock in the server, and it has a good stream of events that are held to keep you interested and engaged.


Another long-running server, ManaCube offers you so many things to do alongside a Skyblock experience, including Factions, Islands, Parkour, and more. The server is constantly updated and there are weekly global events and frequent tournaments that you can compete in for some really cool prizes.

Minecraft Central

Have fun with this server’s plethora of activities: Skywars, Hide And Seek, Creative, Skyblock, Factions, Capture The Flag, and more. With its solid traffic of players going through it, you will have plenty of other players to play with.


MineSuperior is designed to be about what the players want in a server: they constantly update it to fit the community preferences, they are transparent in how and when they update, and they’ve created plenty of systems to make the server prosper. It comes with Towny, factions, a balanaced economy, and much more for you to enjoy.

Pixelmon Reforged Server

It’s not just Pixelmon that this server will give you as it has a full Skyblock game mode for you to play in. When you combine the two, well, that is where the most fun is had. There are plenty of fun creatures for you to come across, capture, and train for your roster. All while trying to make it on your little island in the sky.


A server that is perfect for any European players looking for something hosted in their own area of the world. It offers everything you could want in a Skyblock server and has plenty for you to do. It’s only a couple of years old but has a consistently high amount of players in it at almost all times.


A long-running server, PrimeMC is run by the community and hosts its own Discord server for you to interact with other players and also voice your concerns and suggestions for the server experience. There is a team of staff that update the server daily and it brings Skyblock, Survival, and Prison. Plus, you can type /freerank when you log in for a free rank worth $5.

We want to warn you first: this server is a pay-to-win one, which means that you can spend real money to get an advantage in it. If that turns you off, then this isn’t the server for you. However, if that isn’t a problem for you then this server has plenty to offer: Factions, Creative, mini-games, consistent server events for prizes, and more.