Best Moveset for Blissey in Pokémon Go

Did you jest catch a bundle of Chansey in Pokémon Go? Blissey is a great option for defending gyms and taking hits.

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If you need a Pokemon-dedicated HP shield, Chansey and Blissey are your best bets. In the recent Community Day for Pokémon Go, Niantic offered the opportunity to catch several egg Pokemon that can be a great help when defending Gyms.

If this is your first time catching a Chansey, then you’ll likely want it to turn into a Gym-defending mound of HP. However, as simple as Chansey is to run, there are multiple ways to orient your Chansey, and eventually Blissey, depending on whether you want it to be attacking Gyms or defending them. In this short guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about move set strategies for Blissey in Pokémon Go.

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Best Blissey Moveset in Pokemon Go

If you caught a Shiny Chansey, no doubt you want to turn your green egg Pokemon into the greatest full-potential HP shield possible. Because Blissey is a Normal-type, the instinct is to go with only Normal-type moves. This is a great assumption to make, and if power is all you want for attacking gyms, then this is a good strategy to take.

However, it would be a waste not to consider the amazing move pool Blissey has as a wall of HP and Defense. If you employ one with the right moveset, you can have not only a wall of HP at your disposal but one that is pretty inconvenient for most attacking types.

Below is a list of every move Blissey can learn:

Fast moves

  • Pound (Normal) 7 Power 6 Energy
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic) 12 Power 10 Energy

With two different moves to choose from, your decision entirely depends on what you want to use your Blissey for. Is this Blissey destined to spend its time in Gyms, or take them on to place another Pokemon inside? If you want pure attack power, go for Pound. Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) is your best friend here, and with Chansey as a Normal type, this move gets more damage.

However, if you want your Blissey to defend your Gym, consider giving it Zen Headbutt. While this move takes more energy, it is a problem for many types, like Fighting, which can easily take out Blissey if given enough time to wind up the punch. A Zen Headbutt as a defense would make for a great counter.

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Charged moves

  • Psychic (Psychic) 90 Power 50 Energy
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy) 100 Power 50 Energy
  • Hyper Beam (Normal) 150 Power 100 Energy

As for your charged moves, once again, this entirely depends on what orientation you have for your Blissey in Pokémon Go. If you would rather they attack Gyms rather than defend them, consider moves like Hyper Beam. Because you’re attacking, you can allow Blissey’s gigantic HP bar to sink in damage for you, relying on your Normal-type moves to get the Gym clearing done.

If you want your Blissey to be a wall that defends Pokémon Go gyms, consider who your opponents are going to be. Fighting types are a common pick when it comes to taking down a Blissey, so using Dazzling Gleam instead of Hyper Beam is most effective. While Psychic is a good option too, having the combo of both Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam on your Gym defending Blissey allows for more type coverage, and thus a larger threat to any challengers.