Best Place To Farm Pal Fluids in Palworld

Palworld has a lot of materials you’ll need to farm in order to keep your base workers happy, and that includes the elusive Pal Fluids.

palworld pal fluids
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Pal Fluids are one of the many drops in Palworld that are essential to crafting some of the most important amenities for your hard-working Pals. Sadly, it isn’t as easy to come by as wool, leather, horns, and other mob drops.

The first instance where players will need Pal Fluids will likely be when building a Hot Spring. This may seem like a non-essential building, but if you want to keep your Pals happy while they slave away, you will need a few of these bathtubs. Which means you will need quite a bit of Pal Fluids.

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Where To Get Pal Fluids in Palworld

palworld pal fluid locations

The best place we’ve found for farming Pal Fluids is on the beach directly east of the Fort Ruins fast-travel location. The beach is crawling with aquatic Pals that will drop 1-2 Pal Fluids when caught or knocked out.

For farming Pal Fluids, we recommend you start at one end with a bow and a Grass-type (Tanzee or Lifmunk are excellent choices). Walk from one end to the other, taking out every Pal you see. Make sure to check their ragdoll to make sure you’re picking up every bit of Pal Fluid.

Which Pals Drop Pal Fluid in Palworld?

pal fluid pals palworld

Almost every Water-type Pal will drop Pal Fluid, which means you could farm the material at the very beginning of a new world if you’re lucky enough for Pengullet to spawn consistently.

But, if you’re min/maxing your time and want to obtain a ton of Pal Fluid as quickly as possible, you’ll want to head to the aforementioned location and target the Pals listed below:

  • Pengullet
  • Teafant
  • Celaray

Be on the lookout as you may stumble across an elusive Shiny version of one of these creatures. If that happens, make sure to capture it as you’ll still earn a bit of Pal Fluid when catching water Pals.