Where To Find Tanzee in Palworld: Best Pal For Early Game Farming

Tanzee is one of the best Pals to recuirt early game in Palworld, and not just because it looks hilariously adorable wielding an assault rifle.

Palworld tanzee with gun
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Tanzee quickly became one of the most iconic pals in Palworld following its gun-toting appearance in one of the game’s recent trailers. Not only is it hilariously cute, but it’s also one of the most useful Pals to recruit early on.

For those unaware, Tanzee is the green monkey Pal who wields an assault rifle. While he doesn’t come with a gun by default, he does have a wealth of skills that make him a must-have primate around your base. Whether you’re farming wood, planting food, or need a hand building your base, Tanzee is an all-around powerhouse.

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Where to Find Tanzee In Palworld

Palworld tanzee locations map

The highlighted areas on the map above show all the locations where Tanzee can spawn. The quickest way for new players to find one is by heading across the river to the north of the Grassy Behemoth Hills fast travel spot – if your lucky, you might even find a Lucky Pal.

Tanzee that spawn on the peninsula are low level (around 2-4) and can easily be caught using a club, spear, bow, and basic Pal Spheres.

Tanzee Skills & Work Suitability in Palworld

palworld tanzee proficiencies

Tanzee is known for its comedic use of an assault rifle, but you’ll need to unlock the crafting recipe before you can give the monkey a gun. This can take some time as you’ll need to reach player level 12 and use one Technology Point to buy Tanzee’s Assault Rifle recipe. This pairs with Tanzee’s Cheery Rifle skill, allowing it to use the automatic weapon.

Where Tanzee really shines is its wide array of work suitability. Tanzee, at any level, specialize in the following work:

  • Planting
  • Handiwork
  • Lumbering
  • Transporting
  • Gathering

Additionally, they don’t require much food or recreation to keep productive. This means players can load up on Tanzee and let them loose in their base to continuously plant food, cut down trees, gather materials, and sort them into chests.

Another perk is how eager they are to help Palworld players build structures or craft supplies. They’ll drop everything to run over and help, which makes whipping up new workstations or a bundle of arrows an absolute breeze.