Are There Shiny Pals in Palword? Lucky Pals Explained

Pals are OK, but can you catch Shiny Pals in Palworld? Here’s everything you should know about Lucky Pals.

Are there Shiny Pals in Palworld

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Catching Pals in Palworld is fun and all, but nothing beats stumbling upon a fancy Shiny creature and making it your own personal servant.

The similarities between Palworld and Pokemon are pretty obvious. Unlike Pokemon, you won’t find yourself bashing your Meowscaradas to bits or putting them to work at your base while you gallivant across Paldea. The moral compass of your Palworld journey may raise eyebrows, but what we’re really itching for is the Palworld equivalent of Shiny Pokemon. Can you stumble upon neon pink Chikipis or navy blue Foxparks? In this guide, I’ll spill all the details on Lucky Pals — the Palworld counterpart to Shiny Pokemon — and if they are available in the current version of Palworld.

Are there Shiny Pals in Palworld?

Shiny Pal appearance palworld
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Yes, Palworld has its own equivalent of Shiny Pokemon: Lucky Pals. Though they won’t vary in color, they do change in size and strength. 

Palworld‘s Lucky Pals are also covered in golden glitter and emit a sparkling noise, which makes them easy to spot and hear. 

While Pokemon shinies are only different aesthetically, Lucky Pals have a unique Rare passive skill, which grants them a 15% Work Speed and Attack Power buff.

A regular Chikipi is tiny and weak, but if you run into its Lucky version, it’ll suddenly double in size and become much, much more challenging to beat.

Did You Know? Palworld also has Alpha Pals, giant boss pals like Penking, and Fusion Pals, which you get by fusing existing ones.

How to Find Lucky Pals in Palworld

how to catch a shiny pal Palworld
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To find Lucky Pals in Palworld, keep your eyes peeled for slightly bigger Pals covered in glitter and your ears perked for their characteristic glimmering sound.

You won’t run into trouble finding Lucky Pals in Palworld, especially for the less common Pals like Chikipi and Lamball.

How to Catch Lucky Pals in Palworld

Shiny Pal caught
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Lucky Pals can be caught just like regular pals in Palworld. Approach them, weaken them, and throw a Pal Sphere their way.

However, Lucky Pals boast superior stats compared to their non-luminous counterparts. Expect them to give you a much tougher battle before you lower their health and throw a Pal Sphere at them.

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It also wouldn’t hurt to get a green Mega Sphere or a red Hyper Sphere to increase your chances of success at catching a Lucky Pal in Palworld.