Best Pokemon Card Packs To Buy & Where To Get Them (October 2023)

Hunt for holos with these awesome booster packs!

Whether you’re a Pokemon-pulling veteran or someone who just realized the joy of opening booster packs, there’s always some fun to be had in opening fresh Pokemon cards up. Discovering a rare Pokemon or holo is all up to the pure luck of the draw, so choosing which packs you pick for your roll can be a hard choice to make. If you want some of the newest Pokemon cards with current-dex Pokemon, we have some great picks for you so that you can get some nice Pokemon card pulls in 2023.

10. Paldea Evolved Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

One way to make sure you’re always keeping up to date with the newest and best cards is to get the more recent booster packs, especially if you’ve only just started your collection. One of the best cards you can get from this set includes the Iono Special Illustrator Rare, a card that maintains a $100 value despite the novelty of the entire series. Being a pretty new one, this pack is available pretty much everywhere where you can find your boosters. Every place, from your local GameStop to grocery stores will have this one in stock.

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9. Fusion Strike Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

Fusion Stike is a great booster pack for anyone who loves the Sword and Shield series. It’s more attuned for those who already have a lot of the standard art for specific Pokemon. The Fusion Strike Booster Pack offers alternate art pieces for Sword and Shield cards, making it a great opportunity for any collector. Popular picks like Sylveon, Gengar, and Mew might appear in this booster.

8. Brilliant Stars Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

Brilliant Stars is another great pack to consider if you can only get just one. While it isn’t as beginner-robust for those just starting their collection, it is useful if you have any Sword Shield cards in your collection already. The Brilliant Stars Booster Pack helps introduce Trainer Gallery cards, which are practically required in Sword and Shield decks. V-Star is also a mechanic that’s introduced to the game, making Brilliant Stars a great starting point for new players.

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7. Lost Origin Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

Lost Origin is a good booster pack for many because it was one of the first to instate the Lost Zone engine to the game. There are plenty of alternate art cards, one of the most notable being Giratina V. Despite the newness of these cards, Giratina V is priced at an astounding $270 for resale. If you’re looking for rare cards or a few good alts, you can’t go wrong with this Giratina-themed booster.

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6. Silver Tempest Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

Silver Tempest is another Sword and Shield era booster pack, one of the last ones newly made. If you’re a Lugia fan, this set can be great to buy because of the Lugia V card that may just be inside. It gets points for nostalgia and utility, having plenty of Trainer cards for the mechanic and splendid art alternatives for those who just want to collect good-looking decks. If you’re nostalgic for either Sword and Shield or SoulSilver and HeartGold, this booster pack is sure to delight.

5. Pokemon Go Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

Whether you collect cards or just really like Pokemon Go, this booster pack appeals to both kinds of parties. It has cards like Fragonite Vstar and an alternate version of Mewtwo. This booster pack has great variety, mimicking the amount of Pokemon that you can find through GO. One of the more breakout features of this booster is the fact that it has Radiant Pokemon cards, which can make them significantly cooler and more tradable to collect.

4. Celebrations Booster Pack

Image by Pokemon Company

The Celebrations booster pack is a great one to get if you’ve only just started since it contains reprints of vintage cards that you may not find in other, more modern packs. However, it can be a hard one to get a hold of for that exact same reason. Most of the time at, vendors like game stores and grocery stores sell the most recent packs exclusively. If you want to get a hold of this throwback booster, you’ll likely need to frequent a card or tabletop hobbyist store to find it.

3. Sword and Shield: Crown Zenith

Image by Pokemon Company

Crown Zenith is one of the newest sets, which makes it a great one to seek out if you have limited availability for booster packs. You’ll find this set just about anywhere, from game stores to the grocery store near the check-out line. This booster pack is useful for collectors because it acts as a victory lap for the Sword and Shield series of cards, having the best of the cards available for pulling.

2. Sword and Shield: Evolving Skies

Image by Pokemon Company

The Sword and Shield Evolving Skies pack is one of the more popular picks for Sword and Shield cards. It has plenty of high-value cards in its pull pool, making it a sought-after booster among fans. Some cards can even rack in prices in the hundreds. In addition to having some high-value cards potentially, it’s also usually filled to the bring with alt arts for tons of Galarian Pokemon, including the more rare Sylveon alt art.

1. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: 151

Image by Pokemon Company

The 151 Booster Pack is unique because it features throwback cards of only the first 151 Pokemon, that is to say, Gen 1. This is such a nice booster because it only includes the first-gen, making it a way more focused pull for specific Pokemon. If you’re lacking some numbers in a completionist kind of collection, you can try this booster for some concentrated attempts at Gen 1.