Best PvP classes in Black Desert Online

Image via Pearl Abyss

Engaging in direct one-on-one combat with other players in Black Desert Online can either be a welcome break for questing or the sole reason you play BDO. You won’t go far without knowing the best classes to use for PvP, so check out some of the options below to find out who you should take with you into a PvP match.


Let’s get this out of the way: no other class in BDO is better for PvP than the ninja. They are unmatches for damage output, ease of control, and and overall mobility. Yes, the ninja class is especially weak against AoE attacks, and combos can potentially disrupt any plans you had, but this won’t matter in a solo match. When stacked against someone with equal gear and equipment, you won’t find a better fit for PvP matches than the ninja.


By bringing a combat pet with you into a PvP match, you can make the most out of a witch’s class abilities. The extremely high damage potential from witch spells can sneak up on an opponent who did not come into the fight with the proper gear setup. Witches are highly susceptible to crowd control, but you can utilize your blocks to offset this disadvantage. Learn to use the witch properly and you might find yourself getting recruited into many different groups.

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Never turn your back on a striker. Their ability to create clones of themselves makes them invaluable in a group, and potentially lethal in a PvP match. With this distraction in play, you can use the striker to surround your opponent and unleash a vicious combo. Strikers also have high magic resistance, which is all the more reason for you to get up close and personal with your attacks. Their one disadvantage is speed, so don’t let your opponent create too much distance.


The mystic is about as powerful with magic as the ninja is with melee attacks. You can keep opponents guessing with a wide array of spells, and the high mobility is a huge advantage during tight PvP encounters. That said, when mystics get knocked down, it’s very difficult for them to regain their footing due to easy melee stuns. Remember this when you’re looking at the potential opponents on your list.


More than just the male equivalent of the witch, wizards in BDO are deadly to unprepared opponents. Wizards can use a grab in combat, and the animation makes them invincible. Of course, this skill is useless without a good accuracy rating, which you won’t get until you start leveling your character. If you stick with your wizard, they can carry you and a group through some of the tougher fights in PvP as well as the rest of the game.