Best PvP invasion levels and locations in Elden Ring

Take the fight to them.

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Getting invasions in Elden Ring can be tricky regardless of the platform you play on. The game’s player base has dipped since release, and thanks to the game’s size and matchmaking requirements, finding consistent invasions at any level grows more difficult by the day. There are specific zones where you will almost always get activity, provided you follow a few guidelines.

This guide will cover what level you’ll need to be at to invade all of Elden Ring’s main zones.

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Limgrave/Stormveil Castle Invasion Levels

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Elden Ring’s opening areas are home to two completely different invasion types: low-level and beyond meta level. Most invasions in Limgrave and Stormveil Castle occur at no higher than rune level 25, weapon upgrade level +3 Standard, and +1 Somber. These level requirements severely limit the weapons and abilities you’ll have access to as an invader, but you’re liable to catch plenty of new players if you stay low.

As we mentioned in our guide to the best dueling locations in Elden Ring, the First Step Site of Grace is home to some of the meanest co-op invader hunters at or around level 150, max weapon upgrade. They come equipped with the game’s best gear — Veteran’s Armor, Rivers of Blood, sorceries, and Cross-Naginatas, to name just a few of the nasty setups.

Liurnia of the Lakes/Raya Lucaria Academy Invasion Levels

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Invadeable players in Liurna also come in two varieties: players at or around levels 30-50 or even meaner co-op groups at levels 120-150. If you want consistent invasions at the lower levels, aim for being rune level 35-40 at weapon a +7 standard, +3 Somber upgrade level. You might get away with +10/+4, but much higher limits your options.

If you want to take on the sweatiest co-op players in the game, head to the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace at 120-150 and be prepared for Rivers of Blood, Lightning Miracle spam, and plenty of toxicity.

Caelid/Dragonbarrow Invasion Levels

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You can reach Caelid not long after you arrive in Limgrave. Just head east. Most players, however, won’t be tackling the area until they’re around level 50-65, so that’s where you should target your invasion ranges. The optimal rune level is between 50-60 and weapon upgrade level +10 standard, +4 Somber, but you can go as high as +12 standard, +5 Somber and still see good activity. You could push everything up even further to rune level 70, +17/+7, but don’t expect to see a ton of fights that high in Caelid.

Though it’s right next to Caelid, Greydoll’s Dragonbarrow is a much higher-level area, thanks to its harder-hitting enemies and more powerful world bosses. Expect invasions here to start around level 70 and reach level 100 and above, at weapon upgrades starting around +17 standard, +7 Somber to maximum.

Altus Plateau Invasion Levels

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The Altus Plateau and its surrounding areas all target the same level and weapon upgrades, with the earlier zones favoring lower levels. For most of Altus, level 55-65 is optimal, as many players will reach those naturally about this point. You can push it a little higher to rune level 70 or lower to rune level 50, but at this stage in Elden Ring’s lifecycle, 55-65 at weapon upgrade +12 standard, +5 Somber is ideal.

Mt. Gelmir/Volcano Manor Invasion Levels

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Like Altus, Mt. Gelmir and Volcano Manor favor between rune levels 50-70 and as high as +17/+7 weapon upgrades, though the sweet spot for this location is +12/+5 or even +15/+6. The main issue with Mt. Gelmir is the verticality of the area and the poor spawn points invaders receive. The Volcano Manor itself is a more consistent experience.

Leyndell, Royal Capital/Deeproot Depths/Shunning Grounds Invasion Levels

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Leyndell is a bit of a tricky beast, as players should be around level 70 when they reach it, but there aren’t as many invasions at that high a level these days. The optimal invasion range is, like Altus and Gelmir, probably somewhere in the 55-65 range with +12/+5 weapons, but you can see activity up to 90, though it’s much reduced. Leyndell’s connected areas, the Deeproot Depths, and the sewer Shunning Grounds are available throughout the game, whether you’ve defeated Maliketh or not, so they can reach as high as the 120-150 meta and beyond.

Mountaintops of the Giants Invasion Levels

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The Mountaintops of the Giants is the first significant jump in invasion levels. Most players cooperating here are between levels 80-100, and it’s active enough around meta levels of 120-150, too. Your weapons can be as low as +15/+6 and as high as their maximum upgrade. If you want to put a high-level build through its paces, the following few locations are where you want to be.

Crumbling Faram Azula Invasion Levels

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Thanks to the high rune rewards in the Mountaintops and Faram Azula itself, expect most activity here to be rune level 100 and above. You’re safe also to take your weapons to their maximum upgrade, but you can also be on the lower end at rune level 90, weapon levels +17 standard, +7 Somber. Your best bet might be taking your build to level 133, so you can reach the level 120 and 150 players with a full complement of tools.

Consecrated Snowfield and Miquella’s Haligtree Invasion Levels

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As home to Malenia, one of Elden Ring’s optional super bosses, the Haligtree hosts only the highest-level players, ranging from rune levels 100-150 and beyond. Expect to have maximum weapon upgrade levels as well. The Snowfield prior to the Haligtree is also incredibly difficult, and players who don’t rush through it will likely be rune level 100+ at least.