Best sweaty skins in Fortnite

Getting hot in here.

Some people just try a little harder than others in games, and in shooting games, people call those who try hardest “sweats”. Sweats will put everything into winning a game, often running competitive meta weapons and tactics in more relaxed quickplay queues.

You can often spot a sweaty by their name, tactics, or the messages they sent you in chat when you get the better of them in gunfights. Another clue to the presence of a sweat in Fortnite can be the skin they use. While it’s incorrect to say that using a sweaty skin automatically means someone is a sweat, there are definitely some skins out there that appeal to sweats for different reasons.

The skins could be used by their favorite competitive player or streamer, they may have been difficult to get, or only available when the game first launched, or they might just have some connotation within the community.


You can blame Bugha, winner of the World Cup Solo contest for Crystal’s association with sweaty skins. Crystal became extremely popular with the sweats when he used it a lot on his run to the title, and the price of just 800 V-Bucks meant lots of players could use it.


Once again, association with pro players and an 800 V-Bucks price tag means Aura is a bit of a sweaty skin. The skin is also money-themed, which sweats are always convinced they are playing for, even when everyone else is just trying to enjoy their rounds of Team Rumble.

Elite Agent

Rarity and age are what make the Elite Agent skill sweaty. A part of the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass, it shows you have been playing the game for a while. It’s also a mostly dark skin, which sweats love, as it makes it harder to spot them at a distance.

The Soccer Skins

Soccer skins offer customization without making you look like a clown (sorry, budget superhero skins). As such, sweaty players fell in love with them after they arrived in the game because they could make them match the colors of their Twitch logos. The good thing about these skins is they are guaranteed to go on sale a couple of times a year.

Mogul Master

Much like the soccer skins, Mogul Master just offers a bunch of customizations that sweats love to go with. It was also a rare skin for quite a while and finally returned to the shop at the start of 2021.

Ghoul Trooper

The OG Ghoul Trooper is from Chapter 1, Season 1. You could pick it up during the Fortnitemares event, and while Epic has brought back a version of Ghoul Troopers, the original remains untouched and unique.


The Echo skin seems to be on the way to becoming one of the sweatiest skins of 2021. Check the tournaments with big prizes and you will see a lot of pros running this skin.


Siren achieve sweaty status when Benjifishy had a locked bundle with the skin in it. Sometimes all it takes is the association with a high-skill player to push a skin into sweaty status, and that is what happened with Siren.

The Chaos Agent

Skin shape matters in Fortnite. Even if it doesn’t impact the hitbox, it will impact the person aiming at you. As male skins tend to be a bit bulkier, and easier to see, the Chaos Agent is a popular sweaty skin because of how skinny and thin it is. It is also pretty much completely black, adding more difficult to seeing it at a distance.


Unknown Army made Kuno a sweat skin just by using it, and the price of 1500 V-Bucks means you are unlikely to see any noobs rocking the skin. If you spot a Kuno, then prepare to fight.