Best tank classes in Final Fantasy XIV

Learn which Tank classes are the best in Final Fantasy XIV.

Every great team in any MMO needs a solid Tank among their ranks, and if you are looking to be that person for your squad, you will need to decide which Tank you want to be.

When choosing a Tank in Final Fantasy XIV, there are four classes you can choose from that will influence your play-style in the game: Paladin, Gunbreaker, Dark Knight, and Warrior. While each can fill that role of Tank, each one offers enough differences that some are better than others, so we have ranked each class in terms of how we think you can benefit from playing as them.

Our top Tanks are the ones that we think any player can excel at, can offer the most advantages to your team, and the ones that we have seen the game’s community vouch for as well.

It is important to note that these are just our opinions of the classes, and if you find yourself playing better as one of the lower-ranked options, then play with it. The skill of the player is far more important than the class itself.

4. Gunbreaker

Image via FFXIV Wiki

Gunbreaker is the newest option to come to Tanks in Final Fantasy XIV, and while it has borrowed a lot of the other three classes’ best qualities, it is also arguably the hardest one to play as. While it is easier once you get the hang of it, it is that learning curve that can make it the bottom choice, especially for new players.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its strengths. The Gunbreaker brings a great amount of DPS to raids, has the most defensive cooldowns, as well as the highest actions you can perform per minute.

3. Warrior

Image via FFXIV Wiki

The Warrior really does fit the definition of “Tank,” especially in terms of looks. It is the easiest of all the Tank classes to pick up and master, but this ease also sets it back a bit. While it is a solid choice at the beginning of the game, it can quickly become obsolete as you level up and move into late-game content.

It does bring in some fantastic damage sponging and can deal out a ton of damage, but it’s dashing is the slowest of all Tanks, and its rotation is pretty subpar. If put in the hands of the right player, it can be very effective, though.

2. Dark Knights

Image via FFXIV Wiki

Dark Knight is known for its versatile role as a Tank and for having some of the best story missions in the game. You will unlock this class at level 50 and offer you the ability to deal out a lot of damage without being hit too much, thanks to this class’ surprisingly strong mobility.

Its abilities will keep you alive and allow you to take on large swarms of enemies with ease. It is considered one of the most fun classes to Tank, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks really cool while doing so.

1. Paladins

Image via FFXIV Wiki

It’s a classic class, unlocked at level 1, and is the best choice for just pure tanking play. It is incredibly easy to learn how to play as and deals a massive amount of damage, all while keeping you safe with big defensive buffs. That is where Paladins’ specialty really is: defense. But that doesn’t mean he is boring to play as.

Paladins have the best utility for parties, the only ranged combo among Tanks, the ability to heal themselves and others, and many more abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. It only fits that in terms of lore, Paladins are meant to protect, and that’s exactly what this Tank can do.