7 pro tips for playing as Scaramouche (Wanderer) in Genshin Impact

He’s reformed and ready to mow down all his foes.

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Scaramouche, now known in the game as “Wanderer,” is the newest 5-star Anemo character in the game and a fan favorite. His devious streak and burn-the-world attitude have earned him the swoons and screams of many fans. He has a divine attitude — about himself — and can fittingly float in the air while raining down heavy Anemo damage at the peasants beneath his feet (literally, he will step on people). Scaramouche will be your main damage dealer, and he will dish damage well.

But Scaramouche has some weaknesses that you’ll need to look past, and there are ways to play him efficiently. This character may float, but if you don’t know how to pilot this character effectively, you may find him sinking beneath your feet. Here are some tips on how to play Scaramouche in Genshin Impact.

Pair Scaramouche (Wanderer) with a shielder

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Scaramouche can fly, but can he stay afloat? Probably not, when you have waves and waves of enemies flinging projectiles and swinging you out of the air like he’s a baseball. You won’t be having much fun as Scaramouche if you do not give him a level of protection, as he will often be swatted out of the air and forced to fall like a baby chicken.

Increase his aviary strengths by pairing him with a shielder that can block substantial damage. Zhongli is the best choice for Scaramouche. Zhongli will help Scaramouche deal some extra damage with the elemental shred from his shield, but his shield will also give Scaramouche the best protection in the game. However, any shielder will do as long as their shield is built strongly enough. With an iron wall by Scaramouche’s side, the enemies will have no choice but to swing and miss.

Level all of his talents, but prioritize his Normal Attacks

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When leveling up Scaramouche’s talents, you’ll want to make sure that his Normal Attacks are leveled first. Most of Scaramouche’s damage will come from interweaving Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks while in his Windfavored State. You will notice your damage go up as you level up this talent, skyrocketing from a measly thousand hit points to well over 20,000.

However, Scaramouche is one character that utilizes all of his talents. This makes Scaramouche a bit more expensive to level up than other characters (if you count over a million mora as a bit), as you eventually will want to make sure all of his talents are leveled up.

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Scaramouche (Wanderer) is an exploration genius

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Anemo characters are famously great characters for exploring the overworld. You have Sayu and her never-ending hamster wheel and dash combo, Kazuha and his ability to jump high in the sky, and Venti with his ability to make wind currents so you can climb trees and kill birds for their meat. Now, Scaramouche joins the Anemo Exploration Union as an excellent exploration character.

Why? Well, he can fly of course. But there are ways to pilot Scaramouche that kicks off his exploration to the next level. As Scaramouche flies in the air, he does not lose his normal Stamina supply, instead taking points from his Windfavored state. You can also use his Elemental Skill directly against cliffs to climb them more efficiently. Geo character what? Scaramouche is the real rock climber.

Learn how his passive works

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Scaramouche works on many different teams, but that’s because of how his passive works. Scaramouche can be used like Xiao in a reactionless team, such as with Zhongli, Yun Jin, and Faruzan. However, Scaramouche’s passive really shines when you pair him up with another element so he can swirl with that element.

When Scaramouche uses his Elemental Skill and it swirls with Pyro, for example, he gains a 30% ATK buff. When he does the same with Hydro, his Elemental Skill will last longer. And when he swirls with Cryo, he gets a Crit Rate buff. This makes Scaramouche an insanely flexible character when team building.

Scaramouche (Wanderer)’s best artifact set is made for him

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Scaramouche is like Genshin Impact royalty, appearing all the way back in an event near the launch of the game. He was a focal character in the Sumeru Archon Quest as well, and he even got a dramatic new Interlude story quest in Version 3.3. Basically, everyone loves Scaramouche, including HoYoverse. So it’s fitting that this character gets an artifact set that’s basically only usable by him, and Xiao by proxy. This artifact set is the Desert Pavilion Chronicle, and it boosts Anemo DMG in its 2-piece as well as boosting Normal, Plunging, and Charged DMG in its 4-piece.

That’s somewhat of an exaggeration. Characters who rely on Normal Attacks like Yoimiya might cope with getting the sloppy seconds during your artifact farming. But this is Scaramouche’s best-in-slot, and if you’re dedicated to getting Scaramouche as strong as possible, then you’ll want to spend the next couple of weeks farming for this specific set. Do it for Scaramouche.

His constellations suck

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The “do it for him” mentality does not extend to emptying your wallets, however, unless you plan on dropping a near-thousand dollars for his Constellation 6. Constellations are basically buffs your characters get after getting duplicates of a character. Some characters have pretty essentially constellations, like the newly released Faruzan who is pretty much deadweight without them. But others like Xiao (and now Scaramouche) have pretty mediocre constellations that will not dramatically make your character stronger.

As 5-stars are expensive, please do not feel the need to spend so much money to boost Scaramouche’s constellations. His Constellation 1 will only give him a few more Normal and Charged Attacks in his Windfavored state. His Constellation 2 is an unimportant buff to his Elemental Burst. And his damage comes mostly from his Normal Attacks, making Constellation 3 and 5 mediocre upgrades.

Maybe HoYoverse doesn’t love Scaramouche that much.

Learn his ideal Normal Attack combo

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There are optimal ways to use your Normal Attack patterns. As each Normal Attack is individually animated, some of them take longer to go off than others. This means you don’t always want to go through your entire Normal Attack chain to dish out damage.

For Scaramouche, you will want to perform two Normal Attacks, and then one Charged Attack while in your Windfavored state. Rinse and repeat until it runs out, and you will be dealing an ideal chain of damage while you fly in the air and vaporize everything.