The best way to earn gold in Sea of Thieves

Line your pockets with gold and buy anything to your heart’s content.

Gold is the primary currency in Sea of Thieves for you to use to purchase the cosmetics available in the game, from being able to wear a particular outfit, changing the appearance of your weapons, and altering the sails and hull colors of your ship. The more gold you have in Sea of Thieves, the more cosmetics you can use to make your adventure a unique experience. Gathering up gold is tedious, but there are some straightforward ways to increase how much you have on your character.

There are two methods you want to keep in mind when attempting to maximize the amount of gold you receive at the end of each Sea of Thieves adventure. The first method is to become an emissary to one of the trading companies. There are five trading companies available for you to choose from. Of the five, one of them focuses on PvP, and the other four focus on looting pirate forts, fighting against massive skeleton fleets, taking on the Captain Flameheart’s ghosts ships, or embarking on any of the available tall tales you can find at the outposts.

You can speak to the representative of the trading company you want to become an emissary for similarly to how you’d purchase a voyage. You will only be able to do it if you are at least level 15 with that faction. As an emissary, you want to increase your emissary rank with them during a voyage. How you raise your emissary rank varies from your chosen faction. We have a guide breaking down how to increase your emissary rank with each of the available trading companies in Sea of Thieves.

The second way to earn the most gold is to coincide turning in all of your loot to the trading companies with the Gold Rush daily event. The Gold Rush event happens from 6 pm to 7 pm BT and 6 pm to 7 pm PT every day. You will earn a 1.5 gold multiplier of all the loot you cash in during this time frame, encouraging you to perform voyages before these timeframes and turning them during those hours. You can have your emissary rank available at the same time as the Gold Rush event to increase your gold total.

The more voyages you do during Sea of Thieves, the more chances you have to turn in valuable loot to any of the available trading companies. You will be able to earn more gold by planning your strategies wisely and picking the best time to turn everything in.