Best weapon skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

Find the best skins for Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile is jam-packed with plenty of awesome skins to deck your weapons out with. Some of them offer a subdued, realistic look to it, while others really help you stand out from a crowd.

We like to learn more on the latter side of things, so when we looked through the skins list to see which ones were the best, those were the ones that stood out to us. So now you know our thought process behind this list, and now it’s time to tell you exactly which skins are our favorites:

AK117 Holidays

Image via ZillionGamers

There is no better way to get into the spirits of the Holidays than with this festive skin. The skin itself is very bright and comes with all the colors and styles you would associate with the holiday season, but what we love the most about is its death animation turns all your enemies into snowmen.

AK47 Pumpkin Head

Image via ZillionGamer

This Halloween-themed skin may not come with any cool death animations, but it makes up for it in looks alone. It comes with some slick fire-designs on the gun’s side and also has a pumpkin face that will pop up as you aim down the sights.

Cordite Zero-G

Image via FossBytes

Zero-G was one of the first space-themed skins in the game, and it still stands as one of the best. It comes with a death animation where players are sent to the void, the gun’s look changes with every kill, and it came with its own music.

GKS Tactical Unicorn

Image via ZillionGamer

Okay, we know this skin is kind of a meme, and it’s ridiculous, but that’s why we love it. It’s so bright, so absurd, and it works perfectly for what we are looking for from our skin. It catches your eye way more than a lot of skins, and we will always appreciate that.

Hbra3 Swarm

Image via ZillionGamer

Just looking at this skin makes you feel badass. Another reactive skin that came with bees and digital wings. As you get more kills, more bees appear around the gun. Plus, there is honey dripping from the barrel.

J358 Abomination

Image via AndroidHeadlines

Originally only available from the game’s zombie mode, this skin is now available for purchase for shards. It comes with a pretty cool, almost sci-fi look to it, and it also came with its own unique reload animation.

PDW-57 Toxic Waste

Image via ZillionGamer

As part of the Noxious Draw, this skin came with a death animation where enemies would be reduced into green, toxic waste. It’s a little simpler than others skins on this list, but it still has enough of a kick to it to stand out to us.

QQ9 Melting Point 

Image via ZillionGamer

The MP5 has been a staple of Call of Duty for years, and it’s reign continues in Call of Duty Mobile. This skin gave it another boost with its death animation that literally melts enemies when killed and its smoldering look.

S36 Phobos

Image via ZillionGamer

This skin came as part of Valentine’s Day, and it came for one of the game’s most popular guns at the time: the S36. In theme with the holiday, the gun glowed pink and came with a heart-shaped iron sight. Enemies also blow up in a pink fluff when killed.

Type 25 Geometry

Image via ZillionGamer

Another skin with a cool, futuristic look to it, and it also looks like it could be something straight out of Halo. It doesn’t have any death animation that comes with it, but we can’t help but love how unique this gun looks and how different it feels from many other skins in the game.