The best weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake

These are each character’s top options, plus which Materia pairs well with them.

Image via Square Enix

There are many different weapons for your party members in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It can be a little daunting trying to decide what to bring with you. The most important thing to realize is that these weapons exist for a reason. They don’t necessarily improve upon each other, but they do give you variety in your build choices, and you can lean into a specific type of damage with a certain character if you wish, or opt for more survivability over increase damage if living through fights is a struggle.

When you are using a weapon, you should always try to stick with it long enough to get your proficiency to 100 percent, as this will allow you to use the weapon’s Special Attack with other weapons. This is done by using the weapon skill itself, and it can be sped up by checking for unique proficiency bonuses on the weapon screen.

Best weapons for Cloud


Hardedge focuses on physical damage, which is a good role for Cloud as he spends so much time smashing enemies with his sword. Using Cloud as your main source of physical damage allows you to focus on second-to-second fighting with him, giving commands to other characters when it comes to spell and ability use. The weapon also allows for some build variety thanks to some Materia slots. This will work best on a tanky, physical bruiser style build. You can buy Hardedge from the shop in Chapter 9.

Chakra, HP Up, and Parry Materia are all great options on this weapon.

Twin Stinger

Great for a more magic-based Cloud build, the Twin Stinger is obtained in Chapter 17 from a chest that is accessible directly after a cutscene. The Twin Stinger will upgrade elemental damage, so Fire, Ice, and Lightning Materia are all great options. If you want some added tank stats, go with the HP Absorption Materia, as it will heal you when you do elemental damage to targets that are weak to them.

Best weapons for Barret

Big Bertha

You can get Big Betha in the Sector 7 Slums in a shop at the start of Chapter 13. It leans heavily into Barret’s natural tankiness and will allow you to use Barret to catch all fight aggro and live through it. Chakra and HP Up Materia compliment it perfectly, and Steadfast Block is a solid option as well.

EKG Cannon

You can get the EKG Cannon from Hart at the start of Chapter 16. If you want to take advantage of magic damage with Barret, then this is a great choice. Take Luck Up Materia to take advantage of the weapon’s improved critical stats, and MP Up so you can cast as much as possible.

Best weapons for Tifa

Metal Knuckles

Much like Cloud, Tifa can be a superb physical damage-focused fighter. It will turn Tifa into somewhat of a glass cannon, but easy Staggers will allow you to really work over tougher enemies with the entire party. Once again, Chakra Materia is a great option here, and Luck Up will take advantage of Tifa’s solid luck stats. First Strike is another great Materia to take advantage of Tifa’s speed, and ATB Stagger works well with how you should be trying to use Tifa if you go with this weapon. You will get Metal Knuckles from a boss fight in Chapter 5.

Purple Pain

More than just a Prince reference, these fetching gloves will take advantage of critical hits, upgrading both hit rate and critical damage. You can find these in Chapter 16, during Tifa’s platforming escapades. Pair with ATB Boost and Luck Up Materia to really rip enemies apart with critical hits.

Best weapons for Aerith

Arcane Scepter

You can get the Arcane Scepter from the “A Dynamite Body” or the “Shears Counterattack” side quest in Chapter 9. Its primary function is to amp up Aerith’s offensive magic. If you don’t really want Aerith to be a healer, then this is the weapon for you. Combine it with elemental Materia, MP Up, and Magic Up to really make it shine.

Reinforced Staff

Found in a chest at the very start of Chapter 17, this is what you need if Aerith has been a weak link in your party and you are struggling to keep her alive in the fights. It will still allow her to be offensively minded, or a great healer, it simply increases her own survivability at the cost of her true power potential. Combine with Steadfast Block Materia to really increase her ability to absorb damage, and bring plenty of Healing as well.