Biomutant – beginners hints and tips

Some starting advice.

It’s not always easy to work out the nuances of a new title when you first jump in, so in this guide we will be bringing you some solid hints and tips to get you started in Biomutant. The game is huge, deep, and pretty complicated in places, so don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what works for you.

This is a true open world game, so don’t be afraid to just pick a random direction and walk in it, there will always be something to find and do no matter where you go.

Don’t let appearance matter too much

While everyone wants to look good, players should avoid letting their appearance impact their decision-making too much. Effective weapons can often look goofy, strong armor can often look bad, and your character appearance can be changed later in the game outside of character creation, without impact your stats.

Always watch for fast travel points

The world of Biomutant is large, and you can go anywhere at any time. As such, fast travel is extremely important. Be on the lookout for signposts that you can interact with, as this will then allow you to fast travel to that location, saving you a huge amount of time.

Parrying is the king of melee combat

Parry enemies at exactly the right time leaves then exposed to follow up attacks and staggers them, so any damage you do will be greatly increased. Mastering the parry is the key to melee combat.

You can upgrade weapons

If you really fall in love with one of the weapons you create, you can upgrade it at a workbench that can be found in many of the villages dotted around the map.

Sell items you can use to buy items you can

The game will tend to drop items that you cannot use for quite a few levels. Unless they are exceptional items or very high rarity, it is a good idea to just sell them to a vendor and use the cash to buy items and components that you can use right now. Biomutant involves a literal flood of gear, so there is always more on the way.


The map is covered in areas that are too hot, radioactive, or biohazardy for you to venture into without high enough resistance to the particular hazard. You build these resistances by spending Biopoints in the character menu, by finding armor with resistance to the specific hazard on it, or by finding full suits of specialist armor that will offer 100% resistance to a certain type of hazard. All of them are perfectly viable options, although it is actually quite easy to get multiple high levels of resistance on one armor loadout.

Talk to NPCs

It is well worth talk to NPCs and characters that you find throughout the world. They can hold information that will lead you to secrets, or entire side missions that you can complete for new loot and parts.