How to get the Mekton robot in Biomutant

Mechanical friend.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Biomutant you can get a lot done with swords, giant metal fist weapons, and guns, but that is no reason not to get yourself a giant Mekton robot. This robot will come in incredibly handy, allowing you to travel through regions that cause Hypoxia without issue, and bring a lot of firepower to any fight you get in.

To get the Mekton, you will need to make your way to the Chugyard to the east of Bricktown. Make sure you interact with the noticeboard at the front of the Chugyard to get a mission that requires you to track down Gizmo, who is thought to be in the area. 

Go inside and take out all the enemies, then pry open the doors, killing the remaining enemy inside. A sequence will play where a rocket destroys a door, giving you access to the inside portion of the Chugyard.

Head inside to find Gizmo, who will tell you that he needs an important item from the ruins inside. Open the shutter doors and you will be faced with a Hypoxia Zone. You cannot breath in a Hypoxia Zone so you will need to run quickly through this area until you see a tunnel on the right. Duck down inside and you will find a door you can open, leading to a new area and some fresh air. 

Inside, players will find a small room off to the left, and this will contain a route that allows them to jump up to the next level. From there, they can shimmy across a rope to get to a truck. Grab the container that is on the truck and then quickly run to the right, across the broken ground, and in the door. This section is another area that inflicts Hypoxia, so players will want to get through it as quickly as possible. 

Inside, players will find the Mekton parts, and can then climb up at the yellow areas to get to the top of the building, where a new rope will allow them to slide down, back to the starting area. After that, all they need to do is interact with Gizmo to give him the Mekton parts. From that point on, they can summon the Mekton Robot by hitting the number 4 on their keyboard, or right on the D-pad and picking it from the radial menu.