BitLife: How to complete the Halloween Challenge

The BitLife Halloween challenge for horror fans.

In October, the final weekend has arrived, and with it, the last BitLife Challenge for October 2021. We’ve already had a handful of spooky challenges this month, and this week you’ll be working on the Halloween challenge, based on the similarly named horror movie.

These are all of the tasks you need to complete the Halloween Challenge.

  • Be born a male in the United States
  • Murder your Sister
  • Escape Prison
  • Impale 5+ people after escaping from prison

The first task you’ll need to do is be born a male in the United States. You can do this anytime you start the game or use a character you’ve already created that was born in the United States.

The next task is to murder your sister. You’ll need to wait for your parents to have a female sibling or not, which is entirely random. Your sister can be older or younger, so long as they are your sister. You’ll be able to murder her by going to the Activities tab, scrolling down to the Crime tab, and choosing murder. You’ll be able to select any person you directly know in your life.

The hope is that after you kill your sister, you go to jail. If you don’t, you commit a minor crime to try to have yourself caught by the cops. A great way to do this is breaking into a house or attempting to murder another person. After you’re in jail, you’ll need to escape, which can be extremely tricky. The only way to escape prison is to complete the mini-game associated with it, where you need to get out before the guard catches you. The best way to win the mini-game is to trap the guard inside a walled-off area. In the example below, you’ll want to move over to the left as much as possible until the guard is stuck in the blocked-off space, B2, and then escaping.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re out of jail, the next task is to impale five people. You have to do this after you’ve escaped jail. You cannot do it before. Like murdering your sister, you’ll need to go to the Activities tab, perform a Crime, and then attempt to impale random individuals or people you know in your relationships. All of these are risky and come with the chance of you going to jail. There’s no easy way to do this, so we recommend making sure you do this every few years, and not all at once.

After you’ve done that, you’ll have completed the BitLife Halloween Challenge, and you’ll receive a new cosmetic item for your reward.