How to become a social media influencer in BitLife

Learn how to become more popular and reach stardom on your social media accounts in BitLife.


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Unlike in real life, it is pretty simple to become a social media influencer in BitLife. The life simulator game gives you access to many different careers and lifestyles, so with the various options, sometimes you might overlook something. While it may be simple to do, it will take a little bit of work and patience. Becoming a world-renown star does not happen overnight. Those who care about connecting with an audience, read on to find the easiest way to get to social media stardom.

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First, to make a social media account, tap on the assets button, Social Media, then join. Unfortunately, in BitLife, posting on social media in the game will force you to share a message on your real-life social media. You used to bypass this by putting on airplane mode, but an update made that not bring in any rewards. To avoid bugging your real-life friends with these messages, you can send them to yourself.

To become a social media influencer, you need followers. You will slowly automatically gain followers, but you get more for the more posts you make, as well as consistently posting. The more you post regularly, the more your follower count will rise. If you post a ton for a period and then stop, you will still slowly gain them, but nowhere near the output you would get by posting on a steady stream. There is a chance your posts can become viral, depending on your stats and the content you post. During this time, there is a chance to encounter trolls on the site. Be sure to watch your happiness, as these guys will lower your happiness the more they post, but be sure not to reply to them. If you do, you risk having your account suspended, completely cutting off your progress.

You are going to want a job that makes you famous for gaining followers quickly. An actor, porn star, singer, or other careers that put you in the spotlight are the best ways to do this. Getting these jobs is easiest when your attributes are higher. If you have poor attributes on your character, you can start a new random life to reroll your stats by pressing the menu button. Generally, you will want a person with over 90 in all attributes. Like in real life, the people who are more attractive and smarter tend to be recognized more than the average joe. Once you have your career, focus on progressing in it as high as you can go. If you are attractive and looking for a cheap, easy way to gain followers, start posting sexy pics or thirst traps to quickly grow your base.

If you do not have a job putting you in the spotlight, be sure to purchase followers whenever you can each year. Usually, you can buy 5,000 followers for between $100-$200 for each social media site. If you are trying to grow your reach on multiple sites at once, it will be more expensive. Do know, though, that inorganically obtaining followers will not naturally help your followers expand. Your organic intake might remain about the same and not get better until the things you share are more interesting to people.

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To also help yourself gain followers fast, you can invest in real estate or buy as many cars as possible. The more money and flashy things you have, the more people will want to follow you. Above all else, make sure you are doing something to raise your attributes until they are maxed out. Go to the gym and library, meditate, and go on vacation. The attributes combined with your progressing career will be the most significant factors in your social media following continuing to rise.

Once you reach a larger range of followers, you can start promoting things. Be sure to only promote things that make sense with your interests/career choices. If your followers follow you for certain things and you promote something that doesn’t fit with it, you can lose followers. Do not expect a ton of money from promoting at first, that money will come down the line when you have a larger base. Once you reach around the 100,000 follower range, you can become verified. This will significantly boost your notoriety and give you a better outlet for getting followers.

Take into consideration all of the information above, and sooner or later, you should become a social media star. Once you reach the 350,000 follower range, you can start tracking your fame and can write a book, do a commercial, pose for a magazine, and go on a talk show. Continue posting on social media and doing these opportunities to continue your expanding reach. Be mindful though, if you fail these opportunities, your fame will drop, slowing your ascent. Also, the more famous you get, the better you can get a celebrity to follow you and start interacting with you.