How to successfully rob a bank in BitLife

Make a large withdrawal.


Robbing a bank in BitLife is one of the many things you can do with your character. It’s not a noble act, but it’s an excellent way to make some quick cash. There are a lot of risks involved with pulling off a heist, though. Before robbing a bank, you can do a handful of things to help you out to ensure you walk away and don’t go to jail. Here’s what you need to know about successfully robbing a bank in BitLife.

How to complete a bank robbery in BitLife

It’s important to note there is a lot of random chance with robbing a bank. Before you do it, we recommend increasing your Karma to ensure things go your way and there’s less of a chance of bad things happening to your character. You can check your Karma by going to the Activities tab and choosing to Meditate under the Mind & Body option.

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When you’re ready to rob a bank, click on the Crime option underneath the Activities tab. It will be the first choice you can select. There will be multiple choices for you to sort out before you go through with the bank robbery. You will have the pick the bank you want to rob, the weapon you plan to use, the disguise your character will wear, and the type of getaway car you need to use to escape. The gun, disguise, and getaway car are essential to consider before attempting to rob a bank.

We recommend picking a lethal weapon that can defend your character, but it’s not too hefty. For example, players have had success with a machete, chainsaw, spiked mace, blowgun, golf club, pitchfork, and some even report using a toy gun. Having used that last one ourselves, we would not recommend it. We had the most success with a golf club. The same goes for selecting your disguise. You want to use something that will protect your entire identity and make it difficult for the police to find you while attempting to escape.

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Finally, the escape vehicle will need to be something fast and efficient. Any car you use will be helpful, although players have successfully used a train, a rideshare app, an electric scooter, and a hoverboard.

Again, these options have a random chance of working or causing a problem in your bank robbery. You will want to mix and match these combinations to find your best results. Alternatively, when making a character you want to use to rob banks, make sure their particular skill is Crime. This will increase their success with anything crime-related in BitLife.