Black Marketeer NPC Guide – Location, Appearance & Inventory

The Black Marketeer NPCs in Palworld, while a bit scary, are actually one of the more useful NPCs in the game. Here is how to find them.

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While Palworld has a lot of Pals in it, the game also has a surprising amount of different human NPCs. Respawn points often boast Skilled Islanders, Explorers, or Travelers sitting at campfires with stories to tell, and Wandering Merchants appear all across the map. Additionally, there are wandering bands of hostile enemies such as Syndicate Members or The Free Pal Alliance Devotees.

However, there are NPCs in Palworld that may not be as obviously accessible. This includes the Black Marketeers, scary NPCs that, as their nefarious appearance would suggest, sell ‘totally legally obtained’ Pals and buy anything in a Pal Sphere.

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What Do Black Marketeers Look Like In Palworld

Screenshot via Gamepur

Black Marketeers are by far one of the most visually distinct human characters in the game, as there is no mistaking them as a regular Villager. Their hood, mask, and general demeanor all indicate they are up to no good.

All Black Marketeers have the same dialogue when talked to about trading in any sort of Pal, stolen or prohibited included, as if to say “I am not at all worried about the PIDF finding me”. It feels very reminiscent of Nurse Joy in Pok√©mon.

In any case, after talking to the Black Marketeer, you can then buy a variety of Pals with mysterious origins or even sell your own Pals (or humans, disturbingly enough) to him for a pretty decent price depending on their level, rarity, and stats.

How Buying & Selling From The Black Marketeer Works

Screenshot via Gamepur

It’s worth going over a few things that have to do with the Black Marketeer’s whole process. For one, you don’t need to bring the Pals you want to sell ‘with’ you to the Marketeer. This is because, as soon as you go to the ‘Sell’ Tab in the Marketeer’s menu, you’ll see it lets you choose from all the Pals you’ve caught, including the ones in your Palbox.

Additionally, while this is a pretty decent way to make money in Palworld, there are a lot of other uses for duplicate Pals from having them work at the base to butchering them for resources and of course using them in the Pal Essence Condenser. So, be very sure you don’t want them before you sell your Pals to this guy, as it’s pretty clear he’s not going to be utilizing these Pals for the most ‘wholesome’ projects.

What is In The Black Marketeer’s Inventory

Screenshot via Gamepur

The Black Marketeer doesn’t have a ‘defined’ stock of Pals. Instead, it seems like they rotate after a certain amount of time (likely every time a full in-game day passes).

Other than that, the Pals selected as part of his inventory don’t seem to follow any sort of logic that we can see. So, when you visit a Black Marketeer, you’ll have no way of knowing if he’ll be offering standard Pals for between 3,000 to 5,000 Gold or if he’ll sell extra rare Pals at 10,000 to 15,000 Gold.

Some have theorized that the area the Marketeer is located at may impact the prices of the Pals the Marketeer sells. But if it does, it doesn’t impact it every time, as we’ve been to the one near Mount Obsidian and have been offered Pals at a meager 4,000 to 6,000 Gold. Also, be careful trying to go and check out the Black Marketeer’s inventory with a friend in an online server, as he only sells one copy of each Pal per day before ‘selling out’.

All Black Markeeter Locations

All Skull-with-Horns Icons represent Black Marketeer locations. Image via Gamepur

Black Marketeers don’t move. Once you find where one is located, that NPC will always be there. From our findings, there are about 8 different Black Marketeers spread throughout the islands of Palworld, as it seems like the developers wanted to make sure there was one in just about every quadrant of the map.

In the image above, each of the skull-with-horns icons denotes a Black Marketeer location, though be aware some of them are found in Mineshafts too, so if you go to the right spot and can’t find him, that’s likely why.

If you’re finding the back-and-forth travel time to check the Black Marketeer’s stock to be a bit much, you can also actually weaken and capture a Black Marketeer like any other human in Palworld and bring him back to your home base to keep him and his stock close by. Though, be aware, these NPCs are level 40, and capturing them (or even just lowering their health) is going to take some real work as well as an open Base Pal slot.