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Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit guide – uses, how to obtain, and awakening

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Blox Fruits offers you a variety of fruits with different abilities and powers. Choosing the right fruit can be a crucial decision, as it can greatly impact your performance in the game. One of the fruits that you may consider is the Dragon Fruit, but is it worth it? This guide will help you with choosing the Dragon Fruit, how you can obtain it, and tell if it has an awakening.

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Why use the Dragon fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Dragon Fruit in Blox Fruits has a number of pros and cons that make it a unique and powerful fruit for you to use. The Dragon Fruit is known for its good combo potential, with its Fire Shower move being particularly effective at slowing down enemies. In Fury Mode, the Fire Shower move has one of the biggest hitboxes in the game, making it a powerful tool in PvP. Additionally, the Dragon Fruit provides you with 62.5% damage resistance against attacks, which stacks with Buso Haki. The mobility and damage output of the Dragon Fruit is also noteworthy, with its Dragonic Claw move having burn damage and high knockback.

However, the Dragon Fruit also has several cons that you should consider before using it. It is the 2nd most expensive fruit in the game and requires a high level of mastery to use effectively. In Fury Mode, the player becomes a larger target, making it less suitable for Ranged PvP. The Dragonic Claw move (untransformed) is also single-target and hard to hit, while the Fire Shower move in transformed form requires certain aiming skills and can only be fired below the player, making it best for ground attacks rather than sky PvP. Furthermore, the Dragon Fruit takes over a minute to fully regain its Fury Meter and is not recommended for low-level players.

How to obtain the Dragon fruit in Blox Fruits

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The Dragon Fruit in Blox Fruits can be obtained by either purchasing it with beli or with Robux. If you choose to purchase the Dragon Fruit, it will cost 3,500,000 beli from the Blox Fruit Dealer, with a 1% chance of being in each stock. There is also a 0.7% chance for the Dragon Fruit to spawn in-game every hour, giving you the opportunity to find it through gameplay. Alternatively, you can purchase the Dragon Fruit with 2,600 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. When purchasing with Robux, you will receive the Dragon Fruit permanently, meaning you can keep it forever. 

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Does the Dragon fruit have an awakening in Blox Fruits?

Dragon Fruit is mythical tier fruit and is the first Beast-type Fruit that has no awakening, making it unique among the other Beast-type fruits in the game. 

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